Disney Cruise Lines Please Don’t Upcharge Fanta Orange

Well this is an outrage.

Fanta Orange

Before I begin I’m going to give everyone a brief history lesson. After my first ever trip to Walt Disney World. My Dad asked me, “What was my favorite part?”

How do you think I answered this question? Most would expect me to say the rides or the characters. I didn’t say that. I said “the orange pop.” That orange pop is Fanta Orange. It may be the greatest orange pop on planet Earth.

Just think about it though. If I don’t like the orange pop. Do I even enjoy Disney? Does this site ever get created? Would that event rupture the whole space time continuum?

Probably not but it’s funny to look back on.

This last week I had another first. I went on a Disney Cruise for the first time. I went on the Disney Wonder which is a fabulous ship. There are many stories I could have written about. Did I want to be the typical Disney blogger? Did I want to rave about one of the restaurants? Did I want to talk about how Disney’s Castaway Cay is basically Typhoon Lagoon 2.0. Hey, I might actually talk about that one.

No, my greatest take away from my cruise was that Fanta Orange wasn’t free. All the other soda flavors were free. Yet for Fanta Orange you had to pay. I mean Disney had freaking Fanta Ginger Ale. What a tease! GINGER ALE? FREAKING GINGER ALE?

Fanta is known for its orange pop so it was dissapointing going up to the soda fountain and not seeing it. It was even more depressing seeing Fanta Ginger Ale? I mean Fanta Grape I could understand but, Fanta Ginger Ale?

I’m sure Fanta, the company itself, appreciates that Disney only sells the soda for a profit. For life long fans like me it sucks. Everyone raves about how you can get anything on a cruise. Yet the one thing I wanted the most of wasn’t free?

Most Disney fans complain about their upcharging. When it comes to price tickets, excursions, or special events. Yet I have never complained about Disney raising their prices. It makes sense when your ultra popular. That’s just smart business. The one thing that I disagree with is Disney up charging Fanta Orange.

That’s why I’m starting a movement. #FantaForever and maybe by my next cruise I can get Fanta for free. Anytime I want it. I mean for heavens sake upcharge Fanta Ginger Ale.

Fanta Orange is a god-given right. Fanta Orange is forever. Do the right thing Disney. I’m going to send letters to special people to get more information. I will continue this story when I receieve more information about the Disney/Fanta situation. Until then remember #FantaForever.

Zach Perilstein is the Editor-in-Chief at the Boardwalk Times.