Guardians of the Galaxy E-Ticket Ride Heading to Epcot

This will mark the first Marvel attraction for Walt Disney World.

Guardians of the Galaxy

The ragtag group is heading to Epcot. The attraction will be an E-Ticket attraction. It’s replacing Universe of Energy, that starred Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye. I’m assuming that the ride will be a roller coaster due to it being an E-Ticket.

Epcot is being incorporated into the story. Saying that “Star-Lord” Peter Quill enjoyed visiting Epcot while he was on Earth. I don’t know if that will be the full focus of the story.

Guardians of the Galaxy attraction

The above concept art looks like a pre-show area. That looks like a Groot and Rocket Raccoon animatronic. I have confidence in the Guardians attraction. The franchise is obviously profitable. Yes, this doesn’t connect with the true message of Epcot. Yet they weren’t doing anything to keep that message alive. They threw in the towel. I don’t honestly blame them. From a business perspective Guardians will sell more tickets than a show about energy and dinosaurs.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout has received positive reviews. I believe that Walt Disney Imagineering will give us a exhilarating experience.

Zach Perilstein is the Editor-in-Chief at the Boardwalk Times.