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Bob Kfir
Bob Kfir
Aug 9 · 3 min read


Welcome to another Bob Kfir’s Tech Blog newsletter. I’ve finally written the post I’ve talked about in the last newsletter: How Secure Is Your iPhone? Depending on how well it performs, I’m considering writing an entire post explaining how iPhone encryption works.

Oh, and you’ve probably noticed I’ve changed the name of this publication from Of The Nerds to Bob Kfir’s Tech Blog. The reason is that although I’ve had writers sign up, no one has actually submitted any posts. Therefore, calling it Of The Nerds made no sense as I was the only writer. If you want to write for a technology publication, there are many bigger publications that will give you much more exposure than this publication ever could. That being said, you can still contribute ideas.

This week’s best:

How Secure Is Your iPhone?

We all spend more time than we care to admit staring at our iPhone screens and mindlessly typing away. Everything from contacts to messages and images are things we would rather not have the world see.— Read more

In case you missed it:

The No Encryption Dystopia

What happens if backdoor-free encryption is made illegal. — Read more

The Problems With End-to-end Encryption

Why End-to-end encryption isn’t the solution for everything. — Read more

How Secure Is iCloud?

iCloud is what makes all the magical features of backups and syncing happen, on Apple devices anyways. But, just how secure is your information stored in Apple’s cloud? — Read more

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Bob Kfir

Bob Kfir’s Tech Blog

A technology blog with an emphasis on cybersecurity and privacy.

    Bob Kfir

    Written by

    Bob Kfir

    I’m a writer and a programmer. Most of what I write is about technology (often privacy and cybersecurity) and/or writing. You can learn more at www.bobkfir.com

    Bob Kfir’s Tech Blog

    A technology blog with an emphasis on cybersecurity and privacy.

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