Bodhi Prediction Market Platform Now Live on Qtum Mainnet

Bodhi is excited to announce that we are now live on the Qtum Mainnet. After being the first to successfully launch a Decentralized Application on the Qtum testnet back in December of 2017, Bodhi proves again that it is committed to building real, usable blockchain DApps.

This mainnet beta launch will focus on getting real users onto the Bodhi platform, so we can further refine and improve the user experience.

What can users do?

There are two versions: the Testnet version, and the Mainnet version. The Testnet version is available to use with free test tokens, and does not risk any tokens with real value. The mainnet version uses real Qtum and BOT tokens, and is used at the user’s own risk.

Users from non-restricted countries can create new prediction events, stake tokens on the desired outcome events, set results, dispute results, and ultimately withdraw tokens into your personal wallet.

What’s next for Bodhi?

We still have a long way to go, and we greatly appreciate the community support for our project. We are committed to getting the word out more to keep growing our community, as well as to keep working on improving both the Bodhi platform as well as the user experience of the current version.

How do I use it?

Head over to the video tutorial on how to use the Bodhi platform, as well as check out the FAQ available on the website.

Download the Bodhi Full-Node App from the official website,

Video Tutorial:


Bug Bounty

Please note that this is not a final version, and there may still be some bugs. We have taken reasonable precautions to ensure reliability and safety, including code and smart contract audits from reputable firms such as Certik ( We have also launched a bug bounty (more details on this coming soon) to further ensure that we deliver a great user experience.

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