The sensual harmony between erotica and design

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Kama Sutra A-Z

The French illustrator Malika Favre aims for sex positivity with her extremely aesthetical book Kama Sutra A-Z. She first designed this art project in 2013 for Penguin’s reissue of the Kama Sutra, and she has now developed it to 26 letters combined with sex positions.

Favre designs each letter with an extreme balance created with couples’ movements. Bodies are intertwined into each other, and their union speaks of letters. There is a sense of ecstasy that each letter attempts to convey.

It’s challenging to create something animalistic with a touch of aestheticism. Indeed, Favre says that she tried not to cross “that line between sexuality and vulgarity.” She perfectly manages to maintain that line with the letter of E “The Erotic Monkey,” wherein she illustrates the harmonious and sensual merger of two individuals. …

With its new shade ‘Period,’ Pantone encourages period positivity

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Pantone ‘Period’

My period cramps often exceeded the physical pain and left me with mental disturbances.

In school, a stupid guy pretended to bleed out of his penis while demonstrating my sanitary pad. And, I was ashamed, instead of him.

Every time I had my period, I whispered the holy girl code, checking carefully that nobody (the male species) wasn’t around: “Sis, can you check my back?”

When I went to a store to buy pads, the shopkeeper sealed it in black plastic bags as if I asked for a drug.

Although billions of people experience menstruation, our cultures have seen the topic as disturbing, polluting, and rude — that periods shouldn’t be seen, heard or talked publicly. Like in my experience during a critical time in my development as a young girl, many girls feel shame and lack of confidence due to derogatory jokes related to vagina and bleeding. …

Nike for (M)others — Made For The Toughest Athletes

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Marz Lovejoy for Nike (M)

A few days ago, pregnant women in sportswear appeared on my Instagram feed.

There were numerous mothers with meaningful words such as “mommy, mindful, mover, and magnificent.”

A famous logo crowned the lovely photographs of women with their pregnant bellies or children. It was such a familiar symbol that everyone across the world would recognize it, whether they use the brand or not.

It was the curved checkmark — Nike’s iconic ‘Swoosh.’

Can typefaces speak for themselves?

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Credit: Jan Tschichold

If it’s weird to ask a parent his/her favorite child, it’s absurd to ask a designer the same question — what is your go-to typeface?

I love writing about design, I love observing cool branding designs of products for hours. Then I got curious. What is the quintessential thing to which I’m attracted in design? The answer is simple but subtle — the typeface.

There were times when I sat at my laptop with a blank word document and a bunch of ideas. …



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