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[Newsletter] Exactly how much you improve your chances of survival by exercising harder — science

Each increment of intensity lowers your risk of mortality

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I trust that you are keeping safe during the pandemic. Here in Australia, we are plateaued-out of new infections and our ERs are empty of cases.

This is thanks to a remarkable coordinated effort by our federal and state governments. It was an effort that was apolitical, led by science, compassion and economics.

It’s fair to say that this cooperation among our political leaders has shocked us as much as the virus itself. May it continue.

From around Medium…

1. More effort helps — keep it sensible

The power of exercise is in keeping us mentally and physically younger, and more active for as long as possible.

My most viewed post in the last week explains research which shows exactly how much each increment of exercise intensity reduces our risk of “all-cause mortality” — as the scientists say. This doesn’t mean that you need to take up cross-fit.

Each 1-MET increase in exercise capacity conferred a 12 per cent improvement in survival — read the article here.

2. The only thing you need to know about how to lose weight

This was the most interesting article I read on Medium this week. It’s irreverent, practical and gives step-by-step actions.

The “one thing” that you need to know is how to develop your self-awareness of what and how much you are eating. The author takes you through how to do that, and then what to do next.

It doesn’t have thousands of claps, but it deserves them. If you’re looking to up the quality of your diet then I recommend that you read it here.

From the web …

3. Dealing with back pain

Quote “you don’t need to stop your life and wait to heal. Move your body instead”.

Read Harvard Health’s recommendations for those suffering back pain.

Wishing you a safe and active week,

Walter Adamson ⭑Medium Top Writer on Food⭑

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