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[Newsletter] How regular exercise is a journey to discovering your active, healthy self

Plus, more headaches? Neck muscle strength will reduce them …

Walter Adamson
Nov 29, 2020 · 4 min read
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My weekly three best insights from me, Medium and the web to help you live longer better.

Working from home has led to more headaches— strengthening your neck helps reduce them, here’s how — item #3.

Are you a logical person? How’s it serving you, or are you serving it? Could intuition, not logic, be the highest form of understanding?— item #2.

Exercise isn’t just for our body, it also helps our mind. When we feel better we eat better and it becomes a virtuous circle of self-discovery — keep reading —

1. Better mood, less stress — leads to better food choices

One of my most popular posts ever is “Want To Discover The Active, Healthy Person Inside You?

The secret to discovering your active healthy self is to exercise. Whatever you can, consistently.

Exercise helps your body burn fat and fuel more effectively and makes you feel in a better mood and decreases your stress levels. It makes you look better, and feel better — mentally and physically.

When you look better and feel better you also make better food choices, and thus set yourself up in a of continuing to feel better, look better, and wanting to exercise more.

This releases the active, healthy person inside you — . You don’t need to run 5km or lift heavy weights, just to get started.

My post: Want To Discover The Active, Healthy Person Inside You?

Here is my collection of posts about exercise which will help you.

2. Logic can be immobilising — here’s how intuition helps

This week Alvin Ang caught my attention with his post on intuition — How The Japanese Concept of “Mushin” Can Help You Become a Top-Performer.

Mushin states that intuition, not logic, is the highest form of understanding.

We often use emotions and logic to reach decisions. We believe this to be rational — missing the insight that it is more often they who are using us.

Paradoxically, it is only when we make the leap from using analytical logic to intuitive understanding that we become thinkers of the highest order. Mushin is a universal concept that if applied, will help you stop overanalyzing things and become the executor of your dreams. — Alvin Ang.

Applying Mushin in our lives means knowing our “path to victory”. We will have many — relationships, money, personal growth, resilience etc.

Having a path to victory means that when we get lost in the chaos of life, we don’t have to stress and start question-solving rather than acting. We can simply adapt our goals according to the current situation. We apply our intuition to move from the circumstances to the next step on our known path.

You can silence your inner-critique, and your procrastination, by having a known path to your goal, and by applying your intuition to move your circumstances along this path. Mushin is recognising how to transform your reality into a step on your known path.

The article: How The Japanese Concept of “Mushin” Can Help You Become a Top-Performer

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3. More headaches during work-from-home? Here’s a fix

One of the most popular articles clicked-through to from one of my posts is by The Prehab Guys — Strengthen Your Neck Out of Pain. Lack of neck muscle strength, endurance and control is linked with neck pain disorders.

I’ve noticed a lot more conversations about neck pain and headaches during the pandemic and working from home. Perhaps that’s why so many people clicked through to the article when I previously referenced it.

: Neck strength can reduce headaches. The first video in the article has chin tucks, followed by two other exercises that we don’t commonly see. I try to do each of these daily — during my regular breaks.

These exercises don't just reduce pain. They also tune up the sensors in our neck and their neural pathways to our brain. This helps us balance better.

The Article: Strengthen Your Neck Out Of Pain

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