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How to lose weight and keep it off even if obesity runs in your family

Scientists found these six activities worked best

Stress is a well-accepted cause of weight gain, mainly because our brain does not discourage us from seeking comfort foods. With the pandemic, we are stressed and unable to exercise as we did before.

Exercise helps reduce stress, and a recent study reported in Harvard Health found that 6 exercises best help reduce weight, even if obesity runs in your family — see #3 below.

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1. Stress spikes diabetes which damages your cardiovascular system

It’s well known that chronic stress is associated with a shorter and less healthy life. Until now, short-term stress was considered less harmful to health.

​Scientists have discovered just how toxic short-term stress can be. It spikes diabetes. That is not good news and all the more reason to take action every day to relieve stress e.g. going for a walk.

Scientists from Yale University discovered that when we are stressed our brown fat secretes a hormone which maintains high levels of sugar in the blood. This hormone persists long after the effects of adrenalin and cortisol have subsided.

These spikes trigger the typical inflammation caused by diabetes which is detrimental for our brain and small capillaries throughout our body. Believe me, I know, I’m diabetic. My post explains, and gives 5 practical tips to help manage stress.

Read my post “Stress Spikes Diabetes In Otherwise Healthy People — Research

2. Focusing on your reaction helps you learn your choices

I enjoyed this article from David Pereira about choice — How I Changed My Mindset to Have a Happier Life. David explores the question of happiness as a choice about living in the present.

I used to live sometimes in the future, sometimes in the past. Unfortunately, I often forgot about the present. This behavior set me apart from happiness, and I needed to solve this problem. I found the solution by shaping my mindset. Once I understood happiness is a choice, my life became better. — David Pereira

I agree with this mindset and of choice being the means of moving out of living in the past and future, and into the present. I call this being an Explorer, like a 3-year old. We tend to get that ground out of us, but that is what we need to recover as we grow older and wish to become self-reliant.

Making this choice is a matter of mindset, as David explains. It’s not easy to change. Being able to reflect on how you are reacting to life and whether those reactions place you in the present, and not in the past or future, is the first step.

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From the web …

3. Six activities can help obese people lose weight and keep it off [Harvard Health]

What I liked most about this short article (2-minute read) is that it gives very specific advice based on a large study of people believed to be genetically obese. It found exercise worked. “Exercise” was defined as at least 30 minutes of activity performed three times a week.

Certain exercises helped more.

The fundamental finding was that enjoyable higher-intensity exercises worked best — because people stuck with them.

Researchers found that the best activities for maintaining a healthy weight for those with a genetic link to obesity were, in order, jogging, mountain climbing, walking, power walking, dancing, and long yoga sessions. Pick the one you enjoy most, and be consistent. A healthy weight is a step on the path to a healthier life.

Read the article here.

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