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I Just Learnt Why I Go To Gym — Achievement

It’s not the endorphins it’s the outcomes

by Walter Adamson

It’s taken me a long time, a very long time, but just today it suddenly struck me why I look forward to going to the gym.

It’s not just the rush of endorphins — which I admit does become addictive — but because it gives me a clear sense of achievement.

My life is good

I have been through enough dramas to appreciate my life more and to be more grateful, and to mindfully put into everyday practise the adage “you get back what you put out”.

All that is different from achievement.

Achievement hovers in other ways

Work is OK. It has its waves of enthusiasm, lots of interesting things and even some small achievements. But ultimately just a cog in a wheel, the wheel being the need to eat and pay off the debts. What I do doesn’t really make any difference.

I have a young daughter, she’s a delight of course. She achieves every day but that’s not down to me it is down to her. I just play a minor supporting role as best I can.

Where I get my greatest sense of achievement is at the gym

I literally only just realised that this is why I am motivated by the gym.

There is the addictive bit of the endorphins of course, and particularly because I focus on heavy resistance exercises the endorphins flow, but the main driver is the sense of achievement.

My sole aim at the gym is to lower my body age. Over many years I have worked out that this is the best way to prepare yourself to live longer better.

Lowering your body age can only be done by hard exercises — power endurance training which builds strength, endurance and functional fitness. The results are measurable in all three of the latter, and in body age itself.

Achievement comes from experiencing the results

The sense of achievement comes from seeing the results flow directly from the effort.

I go to the gym, I focus on my own responsibility, I do what only I can do by working hard and to the limits I can, by progressively overloading, by minding my own business and not following the crowd, and by being tuned in — body aware.

I work relentlessly towards the goal of lowering body age.

I like the self-discipline. There are no shortcuts, and only I can do it for myself by being responsible to myself.

I see the outcomes in body mind and energy. This may in part be due to hard exertion bearing similarities to what we traditionally perceive as being mediation, namely breath control, focus, and the tuning out of external stimuli. There’s a “noisy quietness”.

The combined results of all those factors are what gives me the biggest sense of achievement.

Good luck.

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I’m Walter. I write articles on fitness, health, and motivation for men and women over 50. However, curiosity is my main distinction. I’ve been lucky enough to have experienced a bolt of lightning hitting me in Korea, crash landing in a 747 (LAX), being sucked into a thundercloud at 4,000m in a sailplane (Australia), jumping freefall from 3,000m on my 1st ever parachute jump (Florida), and two different lethal cancers. In 2000 I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes which sparked my interested in exercise, nutrition, motivation and cognitive fitness. University qualified in mathematical statistics, and computing science (Masters); have a professional diploma in sports nutrition; certified social media strategist. Feel free to message/email me with any comments, questions, or collaboration ideas. Blog:




Helping you make the choices to live longer better — tips, plans, action and motivation.

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