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[Newsletter] We simply cannot hide from this virus, we need to focus on health

Even mild obesity raises COVID-19 risks

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My weekly three best insights from me, Medium and the web to help you live longer better.

While we are fixated on the politics and rivalry over a vaccine, the bigger picture of post-COVID health has been forgotten. A vaccine doesn’t prevent us from contracting coronaviruses it just makes the symptoms less severe.

If we are unhealthy we will suffer more severely, with obesity multiplying the likelihood of hospitalisation and death significantly. It’s a great time to think about better health habits. See #3 below — from Dr Mercola.

The pandemic has exposed rifts and myths across all of our cultures. Since nothing makes sense any more, you can rethink your opportunities starting with a clean slate. Here’s what to do about it writes Kristin Wilson on Medium — See #2 below.

After surviving two primary cancers, two near-death experiences in aeroplanes, a near-miss from a lighting strike and my wife flat-lining during childbirth I’ve developed substantial resilience. But the coronavirus is still getting to me. Here’s how I cope, read on …

From around Medium…

1. My three best releases for coronavirus anxiety

Down under in Australia, after 6 weeks with almost no cases, the second wave hit us with a bang. We’ve had higher daily cases and deaths than the first wave. My city of 5 million people is in stage 4 lockdown.

That means borders are closed, city boundaries are closed, most workplaces are closed, no travel beyond 5km from your home, allowed outside only once per day, compulsory masks, and very strict fines. These circumstances all take an emotional toll, especially if you’re already living with an anxiety-carryover from the first wave.

But we’re not powerless. Here are three ways I quell my coronavirus anxiety. Try them:

  1. Less doomscrolling
  2. A daily routine
  3. Breathing to relax

Read my post: Three Ways To Quell Your Coronavirus Anxiety

2. COVID questions everything — use the opportunity

From Medium, I enjoyed this article by Kristin Wilson giving her 15-year perspective on her first job choice. Upon graduation, she had an offer of a well-paid corporate job or a minimum pay job in Costa Rica.

To her peer group’s horror and the “friends her parent’s age” admiration, she chose Costa Rica. Her article reflects on the wisdom of that choice in hindsight.

Fifteen years later, suffice to say that things worked out. I’ve lived my entire adult life as an expat, living and working remotely across 62 countries. After retiring from real estate in 2011 to start my first online business, I became a full-time digital nomad and never looked back. — Kristin Wilson

What I really liked was what she has observed by working across the world — the “lies society has told us” about careers, how business works, government and institutions, our health, the world and how to live your life. I could relate to most of them.

Kristin’s point is this: Nothing makes sense anymore. Disruption is the best time for innovation. This is your chance — there will never be another day like today. So turn off the news. Put down your phone. Follow your intuition and get to work.

Well Worth Reading >> The Pandemic Proves That Society Was Wrong About How to Live Life

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From the web …

3. A vaccine won’t save us from infection

In this article, Dr Mercola advises us not to rely on a vaccine as our sole protection against COVID-19. That’s great advice because just as for influenza, a COVID vaccine will reduce the severity but not eliminate the infection.

If you are unhealthy then your risks of hospitalisation or death multiply. Specifically, this study reported that patients with mild obesity had a 2.5 times greater risk of respiratory failure and five times greater risk of being admitted to an ICU compared to nonobese patients. Those with a BMI of over 35 were 12 times more likely to die from COVID-19.

The take-home message here is that if you are obese, even if only mildly so, focusing on getting down to a healthy weight may help you ward off viral illnesses, including COVID-19. Losing weight will also help you avoid other obesity-related health problems such as diabetes — Dr Mercola.

Article: Why Aren’t We Promoting Health to Combat COVID?

What this means for us: Our best bet is to keep ourselves in shape with diet and exercise. Use the pandemic as the scare you need to take action. That’s how I started on my health journey after the shock of being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. You can start by walking daily, getting enough good sleep, and replacing the sugary carbohydrates in your diet with real food such as fruit, and more nuts.

Here is my collection of posts about food and dieting which will help you.

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Wishing you a safe and active week,
Walter Adamson ⭑Medium Top Writer on Food⭑
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