Where To Stand, Sit In A Room And Ride Your Bike To Avoid Coronavirus Microdroplets

Microdroplets carry coronavirus for 3 hours after a conversation

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Cyclists drafting — Photo by James Thomas on Unsplash

Researchers have just recently found out how coronavirus remains present for 3 hours in a room after a conversation.

The need to keep our social distance during the coronavirus epidemic has generally been working well. However, we may be underestimating the range of community spread via aerosol transmission.

Research in Japan shows that aerosol transmission is still potent for up to 30 minutes. This finding is important for all of us in managing our risks. For specific groups like cyclists, it is important enough to be concerning.

Proof of long-lasting microdroplets

Coronavirus spreads as an airborne aerosol. Aerosol refers to the mixing of the virus with droplets in the air — similar to fog. Infection occurs after inhalation or when the aerosol settles on a surface which is touched.

It had been thought that these droplets tend to fall from the air after travelling about a metre. This understanding may be the origin of the 1.5m rule for social distancing.

While it was known that the virus could remain present in a closed room for up to 3 hours, the mechanism supporting this viability was not known. However, the Japanese researchers discovered the existence of microdroplets These microdroplets do not fall to the ground for a long time.

Image Credit: NHK World video screenshot.

The microdroplets “float” on the air moving in a room. The researchers confirmed that they remain floating for up to 3 hours.

Confirms “conversation spread” not just coughs

This video demonstrates their research, and it visually demonstrates the microdroplets. The video also shows how someone talking loudly can launch a storm of microdroplets which transgress the 1.5m social distancing safety zone.



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