How to train C.E.O’s

My top 5 tips for training CEO’s and executives.

  1. Be time efficient — these guys are busy running companies and they are usually making an effort to find time to see a trainer in their busy schedule. Therefore, respect how they see time and design short workouts that move them towards their goals.
  2. Make it competitive — don’t be afraid to mention or brag of your own abilities physically and offer the executive client a challenge; although this is typically a terrible idea for the average person, for the executive, it’s a welcome challenge and the more banter you have about it the better.
  3. Track performance — I track all my clients, but most of my clients are executives and CEO’s and it’s no accident that my use of log sheets and strength training is exactly why I have a masculine and executive clientele roster; don’t treat the training as play, treat it as an extension of their competitive world view.
  4. Set up a vision of congruency — Executives indulge in drink, food and sometimes hard drugs at much higher levels than the average person; if you’re to get them to change you must outline a greater vision to inspire change. A new transformed body should not be seen as change but more as their body coming into line with their successful career and high status position. ‘Don’t be the fat rich guy hoping out of the maserati, become dominant in all domains.’
  5. Understand the personality type — in CEO’s you’re going to have higher chances of sociopathy, conscientiousness and disagreeableness; this means you need to be firm and patriarchal as a trainer. Don’t be a pushover and don’t let things slide as they use to getting their own way. Run your coaching service as they run their business, be fully accountable and responsible for outcomes, if your executive client falters, it’s on you and you must act to resolve the issue. It’s unacceptable to let a client fail just because they out-willed you and ignored your lifestyle advice. Find a way to reach them and get them into shape.

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