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Life Always Give a Golden Buzzer Moment, It’s a Yes!

You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy — Nightbirde.

Life Always Give a Golden Buzzer Moment, It’s a Yes!
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Never be too busy, I always tell myself.

Sometimes I still fail and get lost, but life always brings me back to where I need to be. Life will never be easy, and it is because we need to learn, but with it comes Life’s surprises.

Life always give a golden buzzer moment.

Through a friend whose life has been the subject of one of my stories, to whom I owe the privilege of knowing about Nightbirde’s story.

How many people can say they saved the Pope? And my friend did. He saved the Pope from his assassin in Manila.

It was from Alex Allan’s Facebook post — which introduced my spirit to Nightbirde or Jane Marczewski in real life.

It’s okay.

We all feel a little lost sometimes.

It’s alright. — Alex Allan’s post on Facebook.

I have been busy writing, and I love it.

And I haven't had the chance to watch America’s Got Talent, and this is where Nightbirde helped millions around the globe, not only with her song, It’s Okay, but when she said,

You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy — Nightbirde.

When I watched the AGOT’s viral video of her performance, and the moment she realized she was given by Simon Cowell the golden buzzer, which means she will go on to the live performance round.

I knew she would become significant, not because of her talent alone but by her presence and words.

Whatever happens next to her career as a singer/songwriter or whatever happens to her cancer, many of us pray that God gives her more time to share her voice and share her words.

She has given her all.

Yet, at that moment, she became an instrument of God to someone like her, who feels a little lost sometimes, to know that it’s alright, and it’s okay.

I have been feeling lost the past few days, but it is nothing major. I have learned to feel my feelings. So it must be, I am tired from the photography gig I was doing, or I am too tired to deal with a few people in my life.

I have to constantly remind myself that I am loved not only by my MOM, who passed away in February 2021, my family, and most especially by God.

While there were moments in my life, as Nightbirde wrote on her blog — God is on the Bathroom Floor, I, too, have questioned God.

But, I always come back because now I know everything works out in the end. That is the lesson I learned when my MOM passed away.

Her story will permanently be etched in my heart, as her ending was beautiful. She made sure we can all move forward even without being physically present because she will always guide us until we are reunited with her in the afterlife.

I remind myself that I’m praying to the God who let the Israelites stay lost for decades. They begged to arrive in the Promised Land, but instead He let them wander, answering prayers they didn’t pray. For forty years, their shoes didn’t wear out. Fire lit their path each night. Every morning, He sent them mercy-bread from heaven.

I look hard for the answers to the prayers that I didn’t pray. I look for the mercy-bread that He promised to bake fresh for me each morning. The Israelites called it manna, which means “what is it?”

That’s the same question I’m asking — again, and again. There’s mercy here somewhere — but what is it? What is it? What is it?

I see mercy in the dusty sunlight that outlines the trees, in my mother’s crooked hands, in the blanket my friend left for me, in the harmony of the wind chimes. It’s not the mercy that I asked for, but it is mercy nonetheless. And I learn a new prayer: thank you. It’s a prayer I don’t mean yet, but will repeat until I do. — Excerpt, God is on the Bathroom Floor by Nightbirde.

I will never grow tired of telling how beautiful my MOM’s story in the end was, and now I will never grow tired of looking back at Nightbirde’s song and words when life appears to be going nowhere.

All I have to look at is how God’s hands are at work, I may not understand His ways, but everything is for my growth as a person and as a spirit.

There will still be days when I won’t be happy.

There will still be days when I am not the best possible version of myself.

There will still be days when I would feel lost.

All I have to do is ask help from MOM (Nanay, as we call her, ) who has regained her superpowers as a mother, that I have to trust in God, and lastly, to hum the words in my heart, that …

It’s Ok, It’s Ok, It’s Ok and It’s Ok!

I have loved, served, and failed, and I will love again, serve again and fall again, but now I know that It’s Okay.


Personal stories that will make us understand our selves.

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