@Mentions from Twitter to My Website

An outline of how I used Indieweb technology to let Twitter users send @mentions to me on my own website.

Apr 15, 2017 · 6 min read

You can tweet to my website.


The rel=”me” is put on the link that wraps this Twitter icon in my h-card on my homepage.
<a href="https://twitter.com/chrisaldrich" rel="me">@chrisaldrich</a>
<link href="https://twitter.com/twitterhandle" rel="me">
<a class="u-textUserColor" title="http://www.boffosocko.com" href="https://t.co/AbnYvNUOcy" target="_blank" rel="me nofollow noopener">boffosocko.com</a>

Webmention Plugin

It’s easy, but what does it do?

I use the domain name BoffoSocko as my online identity.

Don’t use WordPress?

Connect Brid.gy

Exotic Webmentions

// For allowing exotic webmentions on homepages and archive pages

function handle_exotic_webmentions($id, $target) {
// If $id is homepage, reset to mentions page
if ($id == 55669927) {
return 55672667;

// do nothing if id is set
if ($id) {
return $id;

// return "default" id if plugin can't find a post/page
return 55672667;

add_filter("webmention_post_id", "handle_exotic_webmentions", 10, 2);

Tip of the Iceberg

Boffo Socko

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Boffo Socko

Musings of a Modern Day Cyberneticist