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“Hello! World” We are Bohonians

Hello, my lovelies!

In today’s digital world, where sending a text or a GIF is the easiest task to do, one can only wish that sending a physical delivery was equally that easy. If you are someone who needs to send deliveries frequently for work, you are bound to be worried all the time. Now stop constantly worrying about the safety of your delivery or the timing of shipping,as we have come bearing the remedy to all your worries. We have put our minds together to bring forward the idea of BOHON.

Bohon is a platform where you can search and find many different logistic partners (Delivery companies) with their rate charts and time of shipping. You can compare between all and choose the one that will cater to your needs.

Now, if you are wondering about the hassle of dropping the package off to the nearest office, we are also providing you with an option of home pickup. Now, you don’t have to move out of your house in order to deliver a package.

If you are someone who is always paranoid about your package, then we have something for you as well! Bohon provides you with an easy tracking facility with which you can see the status of your package anytime and anywhere. It will ensure you the safety of your package, thus making the whole shipping process transparent.

Although tracking is made easy, it is practically impossible to stay glued to your screen all day to check into the progress, right? So we have arranged notifications just for you. After enabling your notification on the website, Bohon will send you live email and SMS updates, through which you will be able to see the status of your package.

Our goal is not only business, but to ensure quality partnership and trust over time with you. And for that, we have opened a 24/7 chat, call and email support from our side, to help you with any difficulties. We care for you and would love to work with you soon!


To get a discount coupon of 40% on your first delivery, fill out the form. The first 10 customers will get the discount. So Hurry now!

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