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How to Grow as an Artist (Step by step guide)

The Nitty - Gritty Basics

How to grow as an artist

Complan might have made you taller, stronger and sharper for sure, if only it could do something for us artists to grow as well. If you are somebody who loves to draw, but doesn’t know where to start from, you are in the right place.

  • Establishing your roots
  • Materials Needed
  • Know your pencil
  • Study the shape
  • Observation Skills
  • Perspective
  • Don’t give up


If you are a beginner, it is very important for you to know the basics. I know, a lot of people would want to jump right into the fun and exciting part, but please refrain from doing so. If you want to ace those painting skills, you NEED to have an in-depth knowledge of your roots.

A piece from 2014

There might be some controversy among artists about knowing the basics and applying it accordingly. I know, you are excited to break the spectrum and introduce your imagination into your artistry. But remember, if you want to break the rules, you need to know them first.

A piece from 2020

You also need to know, that in order to establish your roots, you need to PRACTICE. I cannot emphasize enough, how important it is for someone to work on their skills if they want to grow. There are no shortcuts or tricks and the harder you work, the better will be your results!

Think about how accomplished you will feel when you’ll be able to draw like a pro, leaving everyone awestruck with your skills. Trust me, all the hard work is worth it.


Unpopular opinion, but unlike what you see in all the video tutorials, you DO NOT need thousand art materials to start with the basics. A simple HB pencil, an eraser and a paper would be sufficient. But knowing how to sharp your pencil and how to hold it is important.

The basic drawing supplies you need to start with


As an artist, the pencil is the most important part of your life and you have control it like you control your limbs. Now, if you are a beginner, you have probably used a pencil mostly for writing. In the world of art, you need to make smooth, long and short strokes with a flick of your hand. At the very beginning, your lines might be symmetrical or wobbly, but do not worry young padewan! All you need is practice. Unfortunately, there are not shortcuts. If you need that smooth line, you need to work for that.

Techniques of holding a pencil


We live in a world full of shapes. Everything around us has a shape, and in order to draw, you will have to study different shapes. Take that paper and pencil, and start drawing different shapes. It will not only help you to draw any shape perfectly without using your geometry box, but it will also help you improve your pencil game.

Understanding basic elements, shapes, color and edge


Art and observation are two sides of the same coin. If you do not build up your observation skills, you will not be able to draw something perfectly on your paper. All the things we are surrounded with are three dimensional, and the paper you draw on is two dimensional. You need to study the object carefully if you want to outline it on a paper. So, try and observe your surroundings as much as possible and try to imagine a new perspective while you’re doing so.


Now that you have already observed your object and eager to start with the drawing already, you need to understand the concept of 3-D and 2-D. Here is a video by which you can easily understand the illusion of depth and importance of perspective.


I know all of this might seem intimidating and you might have urges to give up. But, please don’t lose your patience. Make it a goal to complete every drawing that you start, even if it doesn’t look like what you’ve imagined it to be. After all, the old phrase “Practice makes a man perfect” is not really wrong.

For more details visit this playlist by PROKO they have really explained every single bit of it.

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