Dead Space creator excluded from remake

This story about separation, boiled down, in 1:13 minutes.

What’s the fuss?

The original creator of a celebrated sci-fi horror game franchise was not invited to be a part of the same game’s upcoming remake.

The situation

2008’s Dead Space is on many “best games ever made” lists.

  • The survival horror game follows engineer Isaac Clarke who must survive on a spaceship overrun by aliens while dealing with his own psychosis.
  • The game is known for its spine-chilling atmosphere, audio design, and gameplay which in combination makes the player feel desperate and alone.

The game’s publisher Electronic Arts will remake the game by sprucing up the graphics and mechanics, but they have excluded the game’s creator from the process.

  • Dead Space’s creator Glen Schofield has commented about his lack of involvement, stating that he is “still kind of bummed”.
  • On a positive note, he says the announcement of the remake is taken “as a compliment” and is glad the franchise is getting a second life.

Boiling it down

Much like traditional media, a corporation usually takes ownership of a property once a deal has been struck with its creator.

A remake of a game is quite the compliment, as it means the game is looked quite fondly upon even years later.

  • The “remake treatment” usually indicates that the game has a devout fanbase that will translate into easy sales.

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