Fortnite has become the ultimate marketing platform

This story about crossovers, boiled down, in 1:39 minutes.

What’s the fuss?

To promote his new movie and social media series, the king of the court has entered the mega-hit Fortnite as a skin for players. Not only is this a signal that gaming has truly entered the mainstream, but gaming’s strength as an advertising platform.

The situation

Since 2017, Fortnite has managed to stay impressively relevant.

The recent partnership with NBA legend LeBron James may just be the pinnacle of Fortnite’s crossover roster.

  • LeBron, in a variety of outfits, is now available for players to purchase and play as in-game.
  • The looks include his uniform from his new movie Space Jam: A New Legacy and a look inspired by his social media series Taco Tuesday, no doubt to sponsor both.

Boiling it down

The cultural relevancy and addictive nature of the game has led to player counts in the hundreds of millions, so it’s no reason why Netflix considers Fortnite to be its biggest competitor.

  • The amount of eyeballs in Fortnite have caused the game to evolve into somewhat of it’s own marketing platform.
  • Given the fast paced nature of the game, it forces players and spectators to maintain their engagement, making it an ideal medium to market brands.

Gaming has become more mainstream than it has ever been, and Fortnite has arguably been the largest contributor.

  • Not one game before this has been so big with all walks of life, with the partnership of LeBron no doubt a testament (and an accelerator) of this claim.

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