Grand Theft Auto 6 leak was real according to Rockstar

Matt Eng
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2 min readSep 19, 2022


This story about premature publicity, boiled down, in 1:11 minutes.

What’s the fuss?

One of the most anticipated games ever has had unapproved gameplay footage of it released into the wild. Obviously, its developer is disappointed.

The situation

The Grand Theft Auto game series is responsible for the most successful entertainment property of all time: 2013’s Grand Theft Auto 5.

Videos were recently posted that showed leaked gameplay footage of Grand Theft Auto 6, seemingly confirming some of the game’s early speculations.

  • The developer has responded that these leaks are in fact real, and expressed disappointment that this footage was illegally taken.
  • The game’s development will continue on as planned and will be introduced to the public at the appropriate time.

Boiling it down

Game leaks are unfortunate as it can give the public a false impression.

  • Depending on where the game is within the development cycle, leaks can be vastly different in comparison to the final product.
  • Leaks often occur internally via employees or externally via a serious hack, which can lead to demoralization within the company.

We haven’t gotten a new Grand Theft Auto in almost 9 years, and will likely be many more until we get the game in our hands.

  • A new Grand Theft Auto is typically released every 3 to 5 years based on historical precedence, which is why fans are so hungry for anything new.

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