Halo Infinite players are glitching split-screen co-op after devs give up

This story about doing it yourself, boiled down, in 1:12 minutes.

What’s the fuss?

After promising a key feature, the developers of the latest Halo game have abandoned its implementation. Fans have figured out a way to do it themselves.

The situation

2021’s Halo Infinite was supposed to be a return to form for the longstanding sci-fi shooter franchise.

  • Although many praised the game for its story and gameplay, it is heavily criticized for being too light on content — much of which was promised down the line.
  • One of these promised features included local co-operative play in the game’s story mode, as the current release only supports single player.

The developers will not end up making good on this promise in order to prioritize other aspects, which severely disappointed fans.

  • However, players have since found a way to do it themselves via a glitch in the game’s menu allowing friends to play the game on the same couch.
  • The developers have yet to acknowledge this glitch and may or may not patch this in a future update.

Boiling it down

Despite starting off strong, Halo Infinite hasn’t had a great first year.

If players can execute this feature themselves, it’s questionable why the developers can’t officially support it themselves.

  • With the game only supporting a fraction of the features compared to previous entries, millions of players have already given up on the game out of impatience and have moved on to other competitors.

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