How Kingdom Hearts’ Sora poetically made it into Smash

This story about elevator pitches, boiled down, in 1:48 minutes.

What’s the fuss?

A recent interview reveals how one of gaming’s most beloved characters got into Nintendo’s ultimate fighting game, being eerily reminiscent to how that character’s whole series began in the first place.

The situation

If there was only one video game ever that will remain a household name for all eternity, there’s a good chance it would be Super Smash Bros..

The last ever character released for this game was revealed to be Sora, the protagonist from Japanese action RPG series Kingdom Hearts.

Boiling it down

The way that Sora got into Super Smash Bros. is quite poetic, since a similar event occurred that brought his series Kingdom Hearts into existence.

It is a huge honour to get into Super Smash Bros., especially from outside Nintendo’s backyard.

  • For the character in question to take one of the limited spots available for non-Nintendo characters, it signifies that they have made a massively positive impact with gamers and are even recognizable outside of gaming.

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