Nintendo is “nervous” about releasing a new console

This story about scary change, boiled down, in 1:14 minutes.

What’s the fuss?

With Nintendo’s latest console a few years old now, its legion of fans are excited for the future — but Nintendo itself seems a bit more apprehensive.

The situation

Since its initial release 5 years ago, it would be an understatement to say that Nintendo is absolutely “killing it”.

With the Nintendo Switch midway through its lifecycle, it seems that Nintendo is very concerned about how it can smoothly transition to a new console when it eventually releases.

  • Nintendo credited the success of the Nintendo Switch to being able to concentrate all its development resources on it, since the company has almost dropped all support for its other consoles.
  • With a new Nintendo console due in the next few years, Nintendo is considering ways to expand their success to a new generation.

Boiling it down

When a gaming company is releasing a new console, a looming risk presents itself.

  • There’s a chance that a gamer will drop out of a gaming company’s ecosystem to a competitor if they are looking for new experiences.
  • For instance, 2013’s PlayStation 4 enjoyed immense success upon its launch as gamers ditched the Xbox One out of dissatisfaction.

Nintendo has had a messy history with console transitions.

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