Pokémon Go creator is making a game with the NBA

This story about interesting concepts, boiled down, in 1:10 minutes.

What’s the fuss?

The team behind the mobile phenomenon Pokémon GO is partnering with the NBA to make a basketball-like version of the game. Will it work?

The situation

In the summer of 2016, absolutely everyone was playing the mobile game Pokémon GO.

The game’s creator, Niantic, has announced an official NBA-licensed game called NBA All-World.

Boiling it down

Pokémon GO worked because it emulated what Pokémon Trainers do in the video games and the animé.

  • At the rip age of 10, such lucky individuals would explore their world to capture and battle creatures called Pokémon to become the best like no one ever was.
  • This game is probably the best way to actually experience the life of a Trainer, which is why it became such a worldwide hit.

This doesn’t mean that any augmented reality, location tracking game such as Pokémon GO will be an instant hit.

  • Other franchises such as Harry Potter and Ghostbusters tried to copy Pokémon’s success, but never quite found its footing.
  • NBA All-World better find a way to translate the basketball experience in an authentic way, otherwise it’ll be likely the game bites the dust.

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