Thanks to a new Senate bill, the app store oligopoly will hold less power

This story about removing the middleman, boiled down, in 1:43 minutes.

What’s the fuss?

A new bipartisan Senate bill is targeting the app store oligopoly by giving more power to app developers. This probably won’t go down without a fight.

The situation

The consumer-facing side of app stores (i.e. Apple and Google) are quite straightforward, but the developer-facing side is much more complex and predatory.

The recently introduced “Open App Markets Act” aims to even the playing field by effectively adding more independence to the current status quo of the app market.

Boiling it down

The overwhelming power of large tech companies over app developers was put in the crosshairs of the federal government when the developer of Fortnite sued Apple over perceived antitrust practices.

It won’t be surprising to see the tech incumbents who own these platforms to fight back one way or another.

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