The New Nintendo Switch model isn’t entirely what we expected

This story about a (sort of) upgraded Nintendo Switch, boiled down, in 1:24 minutes.

What’s the fuss?

The highly successful Nintendo Switch is getting an upgrade. The new specifications are welcome, but falls short of what was rumoured.

The situation

When the Nintendo Switch first came out in 2017, it revolutionized how we game.

The upgraded version, releasing in October, will feature a larger OLED screen, better speakers, and more storage space just to name a few.

  • What is being dubbed as the Nintendo Switch OLED model isn’t entirely a surprise however, as rumours of the upgraded model began to swirl a couple months ago.
  • But the features that were rumoured, notably 4K resolution capabilities, is a far cry to what we are actually getting.

Boiling it down

Nowadays, it’s common practice for gaming companies to release slightly upgraded versions of current consoles.

  • Examples include Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro, Microsoft’s Xbox One X, and Nintendo’s 3DS XL.
  • Not only does this strategy put a few more bucks in these companies’ pockets, but also helps to extend the console generation’s “shelf-life” before the next generation releases.

Despite the fact that the Nintendo Switch upgrade we’re getting isn’t as much as we had hoped, it’s probably still going to sell extremely well if current sales metrics are any indication.

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