The Squid Game craze is invading gaming

This story about being trendy, boiled down, in 1:34 minutes.

What’s the fuss?

The concept of Netflix’s hottest new show is invading video games. Although it’s no doubt to capitalize on trends, the nature of the show adapts to video games rather nicely.

The situation

The season-long Korean Netflix series Squid Game about debt-ridden citizens competing in life-or-death children’s games for billions of South Korean won is on its way to becoming the streaming platform’s most watched show ever.

  • Given the show’s popularity, as well as the prevalence of games in the show, has made it a prime target for video game developers.

The overall concept from the show, as well as some of the specific featured games, are being adapted into video game format to allow fans to experience it first-hand.

Boiling it down

Too often when TV and movies are adapted into video games, they’re terrible.

Like with anything, many video games will try and capitalize on current trends to attract as many players as possible.

  • Thus, games/platforms such as Roblox that rely on user-generated content gain an advantage in this context since they can be agile in what gets made, when.

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I get it, gaming news can be difficult to understand. It certainly was for my uncle when he texted me “what’s a Fortnite”. Whether you’re a video game veteran or someone who’s just trying to keep up, Boil It Down Gaming will help you navigate the industry as it continues to grow.

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