Twitch formally recognizes animals as future streaming stars

This story about watching man’s best friend(s), boiled down, in 1:32 minutes.

What’s the fuss?

The world’s most popular streaming service is about to make viral stars of other species thanks to its category dedicated to animals. Live internet content is getting more varied by the minute.

The situation

Since the dawn of the Internet, funny cat videos took and continues to take the world by storm in terms of video views.

  • With the dawn of online streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube, animal videos were taken to the next level as people could watch animals do their thing in real time.

Twitch has formally recognized the popularity of these videos with their new video category “Animals, Aquariums, and Zoos”.

Boiling it down

A common misconception is that online streaming services are only for gaming.

  • The fact is, these streaming platforms allows anyone to livestream almost anything.
  • From gaming to cooking to even chilling in hot tubs, anyone with talent can broadcast themselves live in front of potentially thousands.

The livestreaming of animals already existed before this category was created, however it does not pull nearly as large of an audience that gaming does.

  • Nonetheless, animal livestreams do have somewhat of a dedicated following, which likely will grow larger thanks to Twitch’s promotion…
  • …as well as through this unique level of interactivity, giving viewers an addictive stake in how the content plays out.

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