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Apurv Gupta
Jul 9, 2020 · 2 min read

Our source of good energy and collaboration

Placebo — Boketto Club’s Music Program

For us, a placebo (/pləˈsiːboʊ/ plə-SEE-boh) is an instrument designed to restore good health without invasive intervention — bypassing the mind to balance vibrations; If we cannot change the reality, why not fool our senses.

What makes the present any more real than our imagination? The mind can learn new ways to perceive. Allow yourself to be hypnotized, take our placebo.

SENSEI / Jamaica

To give you a taste of our sound, we bring you an original mix from our resident artist, SENSEI. It’s the official release of a mixtape fueled with good summer vibes and samples from the deep end of the internet. Sit back, relax and let the sound take over you. We might just meet on the same wavelength.

Artist Residency

Through Placebo, we will release projects by our resident artists. We want to open this platform to anyone with a creative spirit, and we love surprises.

If you’re just starting your journey in music, we will work with you to get you started on the basics of GarageBand or Ableton Lite. One of our goals is to demystify travel, art and journalism; music is no exception. Instead of being selective and working with a few people, we’re open to helping anyone who is musically inclined but doesn’t know where to start with production. Music thrives in collaboration and we will eliminate the barriers together.

For those of you want to stay in touch and collaborate with us, reach out with any ideas to

Here’s our Spotify playlist so we’re on the same side of the tape.

Boketto Club

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