The Butterfly Effect of a Good Decision

Small ripples make big waves

Aug 24, 2020 · 3 min read

The idea of travelling is even more thrilling now that our lives have been put on hold indefinitely. But, instead of returning to our previous ways of travel, could we consider a more sustainable approach?

I sat with Annabel & Hattie from Travelling Whale, a company whose aim is to inspire and create sustainable travel adventures.

What we’re trying to throw light upon at Boketto Club is the idea that travel should be a meaningful, expansive experience not only for the traveller, but also for the destination. You can read more on the travel habits we really ought to change in 2020 here:

Travelling Whale is a UK-based online travel agency led by two female entrepreneurs, Annabel Upson and Hattie Seal. The duo previously worked in the travel and tourism industry and realised the various sustainability opportunities the sector faced. What started out as a passion project — researching the climate impact of global travel — soon turned into a business that specialises in creating sustainable and eco-friendly travel adventures.

“We dreamed up the idea of a company that focused on sustainable adventures based on our past travelling experiences and the fact that we could have travelled better. We want to be a force for positive change in the industry!”

Their ultimate mission is to make your travel more sustainable: From handpicking local suppliers and guides to give travellers a ‘true experience’ of the country, to partnering with hotels that promote sustainability. A majority of their curated trips are bespoke so whether you’re looking to stay in a treehouse in the Welsh woodlands, hike through Norwegian forges or see gorillas in the Ugandan forest, Travelling Whale has you covered.

Small ripples make big waves
Small ripples make big waves
Small ripples make big waves

Their philosophy is to donate 1% of their profits to whale conservation — specifically, to the Hebridean Whale & Dolphin Trust — in their fight against climate change. Their commitment is to protect whales, help end their captivity, stop whaling (the practice of hunting whales for their oil, meat, or whalebone) and contribute to creating healthy seas.

Whales naturally capture carbon, store it in their bodies and take it to the bottom of the ocean when they die. One Great Whale’s carbon absorption is equivalent to that of 1,375 mature trees over a lifetime.

“What we want to help travellers to achieve through sustainable travel: explore the world with purpose and create more meaningful connections with the places they visit. We want to promote and encourage the positive impact of the travel industry on the environment, protecting and conserving the planet for generations to come. We want to not only inspire but educate.”

Annabel and Hattie

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