Family Matchmaking App Aims to Help More Muslims Find True Love

The Muslim community has been hard hit by Covid-19. Families feel anxiety and despair around finding a suitable spouse for their loved ones under current conditions.

TechRound Top 50 BAME Entrepreneur finalist, Fateha Majid, has developed the first Family Matchmaking app for Muslims called Biye Biye. It combines traditional matchmaking with modern technology. It’s FREE and available to download in Google and Apple Stores.

Fateha’s short-lived marriage back in 2012 led her to conduct research into the process of finding love within the Muslim community. The three emerging themes are: 1) Families are not very connected with families of the same origin 2) Process of finding love through family is stressful and 3) Single Muslims become disenchanted with finding love.

She developed an app which addresses these issues and takes a whole family approach to finding love. It’s in line with traditional, cultural and religious values. Key features include: Family Video Chat, to allow Muslim families to safely get to know other families. There is also a Share Profile feature that allows the single Muslim to share their comments on each potential suitor sent to them before introductions are made.

When Fateha was working as a Safeguarding Social Worker, she asked her family to introduce her to potential suitors. She realised that they weren’t well connected in the community, and despite their best efforts to find a compatible match for Fateha, it didn’t happen and she ended up falling for a man she did not meet through family.

In a short space of time, they were married and she moved in with his family. “The first time I tried to leave was after the honeymoon. Five months later, I found myself crying on a park bench whilst it was pouring down with rain. I was desperately pleading with God saying “Please, please, please change my circumstance or remove me out of this situation.” I felt something change within myself and felt a sense of peace. Few hours later I turned up on my parents door step.”

“I am now happily married with a ‘lockdown’ baby. I absolutely adore the family I have married into. I look back at that day on the bench with such gratitude. It was Divine Intervention. I don’t want anyone to go through what I went through as it’s quite traumatic. I wanted to create a product that helps families to step away from a scarcity mindset which can potentially lead to forced marriages. To move towards an abundance mindset where they feel empowered to find a suitable partner on this platform for their loved ones irrespective of what they have been through.”




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