The illusion of control

Source: Flickr: IBM 403 Accounting Machine

The idea of being in control feels good. It makes you think you have your things together, and your results will turn to be exactly what you choose them to be.

You’re wrong.

As an employer, you think It’s necessary to control your employees to be in control of the results and the outcomes of your projects.

Again, you’re wrong. The only thing you control is the monologue in your head.

While there are times things go according to plan, chances are it really had little to do with your efforts controlling your employees.

Control only limits freedom, inhibits creativity, breeds frustration, wastes time, and ultimately kills morale.

It’s a matter of letting it go and giving up the comforting feeling of being in control, in the hope of your employees achieving their greatness and your company’s excellence.

You are not in control. Embrace it, don’t resist it.

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