Ed Sim
Ed Sim
Oct 10, 2017 · 5 min read

We’ve had a busy and exciting few months since our last newsletter. In August, we announced the creation of Hyperfab, a growth lab for enterprise blockchain and hyperledger fabric. We partnered with IBM and look forward to kicking off the first class with the goal of helping participants leave with real enterprise pilots and use cases.

Since we invest so early, it’s been awesome to see some of our portfolio companies announce themselves to the world. We’ve made some concentrated investments in cloud native infrastructure and the rise of the developer over the last few years and great to see Manifold and iopipe come out of stealth.

One of our core tenants is to help our portfolio cos go from founder-market fit to product-market fit by accelerating enterprise learnings and deployments. To that end, we hosted several events and road trips helping our CIO Advisory Board and portfolio founders collaborate.

As always, thanks for your support and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Ed, Eliot, and Jeff

boldstart in the news

Boldstart Launches Hyperledger Fabric’s First Blockchain Accelerator

All about real use cases on enterprise blockchain — we are excited to be collaborating with IBM and other corporates on this!

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P&G Visits Boldstart (above: Eliot presenting to GBS)

As part of our ongoing engagements with top Fortune 500 enterprises, Boldstart was thrilled to host senior tech leadership from P&G in NYC to discuss their tech roadmap with several portfolio companies. Thanks to the P&G team for the visit and outstanding product / founder feedback!

Always fun to participate at TC Disrupt as a Battlefield Judge in NYC!

boldstart enterprise engagement

We had a big couple of months on the Fortune 500 engagement side hosting several events:

In July, we hosted a dinner on Applied AI in the Enterprise which brought together enterprise leaders and startups to discuss how AI is helping streamline back office operations.

Our Strata Founder/CIO Dinner last week brought together the best minds in the Fortune 500 and data and engineering founders to discuss the architecture of the future. Thanks to Sierra Ventures and Openview Partners for cohosting and to n6a and Gunderson for sponsoring.

Along with our portfolio company Replicated, Boldstart hosted a dinner and discussion about The Future of Enterprise Apps and how early stage co’s can be EnterpriseReady.io and deploy to Fortune 500s.

We also want to give a shoutout to Sid Bala @ TIAA for leading our Enterprise Peer Innovation Breakfast discussion in September. We had several IT and Corp Dev leaders discussing best practices for how to engage with startups and bring new technologies into large corporations.

There is nothing better than having founders on the forefront of enterprise tech collaborating with forward-thinking CIOs and Sr. IT Execs from the largest banks, insurance companies, retailers and ad agencies!

Our Strata Data Founder/CIO dinner co-hosted with Sierra Ventures and Openview with n6a + Gunderson. Great group of founders and Fortune 500 IT Execs!

Road Trip to P&G — all about automating business processes with AI and portfolio cos Catalytic and 2 stealth :-), one using neural networks to analyze documents for automated data entry and the other providing a governance/security layer for the thousands of RPAs that will be running amok in organizations.


HYPR raises $8 million to prevent another Equifax hack | TechCrunch

Excited for Hypr as we partnered from seed and in A round and welcoming RRE as the lead. Decentralized biometrics is certainly the future.

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Manifold Launches With Developer Services Marketplace (Forbes)

Congrats to the Manifold team! We were a seed investor in Jevon’s last company, GoInstant (sold to Salesforce) and excited to have lco-led his seed round and participate in his Series A. Manifold launches from stealth with a $15 million series A to tackle the third party application services management problem.

Rapportive founder’s new startup Superhuman is what Gmail would be if built today | TechCrunch

Ditto for Superhuman — we are thrilled to have backed Rahul and Conrad at Rapportive and be the first check (literally) into Superhuman a couple of years ago. Reinventing the email experience is an area numerous startups have tried to tackle over the years, with some apps focused more on triage, others on making a..

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Wallaroo Labs (formerly Sendence) closes $1.5m seed round to simplify deployment of real-time applications | TechCrunch

We are excited to partner with founder Vid Jain who we have known for 15 years on his new company — Wallaroo Labs (formerly Sendence). Wallaroo announced a $1.5 million seed round and has built an ultra-fast and elastic data processing engine.

E763: Front CEO Mathilde Collin on reinventing team & customer communication w/collaborative inbox — YouTube

Watch Mathilde Collin dropping knowledge on all things SaaS, how Front uses AI on their platform, and scaling her business

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Security Scorecard — U.S. banks, corporations establish principles for cyber risk ratings firms

One of our core beliefs in security investing is to pick new attack vectors vs. reinventing old ones like endpoints. Great to see Security Scorecard and it’s ratings platform become part of a real market in the security space and increasingly a must-have on the budget. “More than two dozen U.S. companies, including several big banks, have teamed up to establish shared principles that would allow them to better understand their cyber security ratings and to challenge them if necessary, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said on Tuesday.”

boldstart ventures

seeding bold founders building enterprise tech

Ed Sim

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Ed Sim

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boldstart ventures

seeding bold founders building enterprise tech

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