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boldstart vi + opportunities iii, $367M to back dev first, crypto infra & SaaS founders from Day One 🌴

L to R: Charlotte Chapanoff, Ernest Addison, Ellen Chisa, Ab Gupta, Natalie Ledbetter, Shomik Ghosh, Ed Sim, Jen Moy, Eliot Durbin 💪🏼
  • 🤝 collaborate with technical founders well before writing their first line of code or making their first hires
  • 💸 lead pre-product rounds at company formation
  • 🏎 help accelerate their path to product market fit.
  • ☎️ strive to be a founder’s first call, text, whatsapp, telegram from day one to exit
  • 💡 partner with underdog founders who can see around corners and create new categories — building the next Snyk, Blockdaemon, BigID, Kustomer, Superhuman and more.

Promotions to Partner, growing the team

+Crypto Infra

Fully distributed, NYC, LA, Boston + 👋🏼 Miami 🌴

Let’s Build 🏗️



day one partner and true believer for developer first & SaaS founders

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Ed Sim

@boldstartvc day one partner + true believer for developer first, crypto infra & SaaS founders