Building AI on CXOTalk; cutting through AI hype, “applied AI” to enterprise

I had a great time participating on CXOTalk by Michael Krigsman with boldstart portfolio co founders, Sean Chou from Catalytic and Keith Brisson from last Friday, March 10.

When you get down to it, AI is going to be huge in the enterprise, but you need to make sure to focus on solving real business problems. Watch to learn more on our discussion about “applied AI.”

Some nuggets of wisdom:

Companies are removing #data silos. This will enhance usage of applied #AI
@keithbrisson @edsim on #CxOTalk
There’s lots of hard work to make #AI easy for the user
@sychou @wearecatalytic on #CxOTalk
Great #AI is invisible to user.
@sychou @keithbrisson @edsim #CXOTALK
AI is like water. Every company will have it eventually. i like to talk about “applied AI.” What problem does it solve? ~ @edsim #cxotalk

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