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Delivering Containerized Applications Faster: Excited to Announce boldstart’s Investment in

Developer efficiency is one of our core focus areas at Boldstart Ventures. With every enterprise becoming a software company, developer productivity is directly linked to product innovation, increased revenue, and decreased costs. Within that framework, our belief is that the more that can shift ⬅️ to developers and get abstracted away so developers don’t need to know infrastructure and DevOps, the faster an organization will move. While we’ve made many investments in the shift ⬅️ movement, we’ve been surprised that there has been little innovation at the container level, a core atomic unit of a developer’s output, besides Docker. As cloud native and container applications continue to proliferate, massive inefficiencies and complexity have arisen in container size, performance and sprawl dramatically affecting the speed, security, and experience of the software development lifecycle.

We were first introduced to co-founders John Amaral, Kyle Quest and FXP Ventures (Gil Zimmermann, Ron Zalkind, Tsahy Shapsa) through Nimrod Vax, Co-Founder and CTO of BigID, another boldstart portfolio company. After our first meeting, we were impressed with the team’s experience and product vision to help improve developer efficiency at the earliest part of their workflow. One could say it was love at first sight, and we immediately started sharing ideas for what this product could help accomplish in the future. John and Kyle were both key executives at Cloudlock which was acquired by Cisco and had experienced the pain associated with container bloat. From this pain and much before it, Slim was born.

Like many amazing open source companies, the initial vision started with Kyle’s own pain and open source project he launched on Github, DockerSlim, where tens of thousands of developers and numerous enterprises are already using it in production. The original goal of DockerSlim was simple; would developers derive value from code that would allow them to shrink down their container sizes, increasing the efficiency of builds and improving security while not having to touch the Docker image? The answer was a resounding yes! This is the time we love to partner with founders as they go from a project started by a sole contributor to creating a company with a much bigger vision.

In Slim’s case the vision is big; to help developers understand, analyze, create, build, deploy, and run their cloud native apps with zero friction, complexity, and waste. They are doing this by building out Slim Cloud which provides a layer of application-centric container intelligence that visualizes container compositions, recommends best practices, and removes excess waste. The platform automates all of this along with selecting and building optimized container images and integrates with every part of the developer software stack such as CI/CD pipelines and code repositories to create a frictionless developer experience.

Slim is committed to helping every developer and enterprise build faster, more efficiently, and more securely and will continue to invest heavily in the open source DockerSlim project. Everything, from the documentation to the cloud product UI/UX, is built with the developer experience foremost in mind. When design thinking meets developer tools, magic happens and that is manifested in the Slim product.

We are proud and 🙏🏼 to partner with the Slim team on day one and co-lead its $6.6M seed round alongside Decibel Ventures and FXP Ventures and including TechAviv Founder Partners. Welcome to the Boldstart family!

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