Learning From Incidents — Excited to Announce Boldstart’s Investment in Jeli

We all have experienced shocking moments recently when the digital tools that we rely on have failed. Amazon’s website goes down on Prime Day, Slack stops working, Google no longer responds and nobody has access to Gmail, Google Drive, Photos or anything else. These all deeply affect our lives as these services are core parts of our daily flow. The cost of software failing has never been higher as it affects the financial bottom line in immediate revenue and future customer trust lost.

These so-called “incidents” are inevitable as the digital services we rely on are made up of increasingly complex microservices and interactions between various components. Yet, there’s a huge gap in tools to analyze and learn from incidents in software. Today’s post mortem practices are old, manual, and time consuming processes which provide little help preventing an incident from happening again, and understanding the circumstances that allowed it to happen to begin with. Additionally, there are big hidden costs on engineering resources and customer trust, not to mention the mental fatigue of the team being paged at 3am because the system is down.

There has to be a way to help companies build more resilient systems by better learning from these incidents!

We first met Nora Jones serendipitously referencing another founder; her dedication and passion for making software more resilient was immediately clear. We got to know her for 2 years prior to starting the company and were consistently impressed with her clarity of thinking and unique approach to this problem. Before even starting Jeli, she built a community of fellow leaders from Stripe, Twilio, and Netflix around Learning From Incidents. Given her experience leading chaos engineering at organizations like Slack, Netflix, and Jet.com, we knew Nora was someone who had intimately lived the pain and was entirely committed to helping others build more resilient software. And of course, we could not wait for Nora to start a company around this pain as that is we love to do most at boldstart, partner with technical founders on day one to help accelerate their journey.

Jeli’s incident analysis platform provides a whole new view into “what happened”, resulting in not only a faster response, but a clear path to improving software and generating a “return on incidents”. After many months of ideating back and forth, we were excited to partner with her even before Jeli was formally incorporated.

Today, we are thrilled to finally announce our partnership with Nora and the incredible team she has brought together at Jeli during the last 16 months. Jeli is on a mission to help companies learn from incidents and build more resilient software — so we can all have a better user experience. All of us at boldstart are excited to have led Jeli’s $4M seed round, joined by our friends at Harrison Metal and Heavybit.

Welcome to the boldstart family Jeli team! More about the round on Techcrunch.