Run Kubernetes your way, anywhere: Excited to Announce Boldstart’s Investment in Spectro Cloud

At Boldstart, we love to partner on day one with technical founders reinventing the enterprise stack. Headquartered in NYC, home to 73 Fortune 500s, we often hear how every legacy corporation is a technology company in disguise. As these enterprises continue their move to the cloud and deploy containers in production, kubernetes is fast becoming the default management and orchestration platform. Despite this growth, we’ve heard from many of our CIO/CTO advisors, that there is still not a single solution that meets their needs and gives them the ability to “roll their own” k8s solution without the headaches of managing it or being dependent on one cloud provider.

When we were first introduced to the Spectro Cloud team by Mark Fernandes of Sierra Ventures, we knew they were going to be the ones to deliver on this promise. Through our conversations, we were struck by Tenry Fu, Saad Malik, and Gautam Joshi’s deep expertise in infrastructure software and their understanding of the pain points that enterprises were feeling with kubernetes (k8s). Much of this knowledge came from their previous experience as co-founders and early engineers of CliQr Technologies, an application-defined cloud orchestration platform that was acquired by Cisco in 2016.

L to R — Saad, Tenry, Gautam

We fell in love with their idea of creating a kubernetes platform which had the ease of use and scalability of SaaS with the fine grained policy control and flexibility of an enterprise-grade do-it-yourself platform. We also knew they had the passion, tenacity, and know-how to deliver on the technical intricacies of the product. In the software infrastructure world it’s not often that we get to say that a product is beautiful, but the team’s design first approach has resulted in an easy to use and visually stunning product. The visualization enables complex infrastructure like security, monitoring, logging and load balancing to be layered on, customized and deployed with simple clicks while exposing the code in an easy to use editor interface.

Beyond the day one set up, Spectro Cloud makes it easy for enterprises to use and manage Kubernetes on day two and beyond. Two of the more important out-of-the box features include better security and lifecycle management. With Spectro Cloud administrators can use hardened components and set company wide policy for easy updates. In addition, lifecycle management is simplified as even non technical users can intuitively manage and operate k8s clusters over a wide array of endpoints anywhere.

What is most impressive is that Tenry, Saad, and Gautam were able to build a top notch team and version 1 of the product in 12 months. With executives like Tina Nolte who is VP Product and a 20 person engineering team, we are even more excited about their deliverables on their future product roadmap as Kubernetes usage continues to grow rapidly.

via Datadog

In short, Spectro Cloud is the first company that not only gives customers fine grained control, flexibility and multi-cloud capabilities for their Kubernetes stack but also the ease of use and scalability of a managed SaaS platform. We are thrilled to be on this journey with Spectro Cloud as they redefine the infrastructure ecosystem and are excited to have them in the boldstart family!

To learn more about Spectro Cloud please click here and here for the Techcrunch article.

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