Secure Data & Model Collaboration Within and Across Enterprises: Excited to Announce Boldstart’s Investment in Harbr

Over the last 10 years, we’ve witnessed the exponential growth of data along with billions of dollars spent on data lakes, warehouses, and analytics to store and make sense of this. Despite this massive investment in infrastructure and focus on AI, much of this data is still siloed and hard to access. Meanwhile the need to share, collaborate and even monetize this data and the commensurate AI models has only increased as customers, suppliers, and partners are increasingly reliant on fast access to make critical business decisions. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our seed investment in Harbr, a platform for companies to easily collaborate, exchange, and monetize data and models within and across enterprises. Harbr is based in London, and this continues our huge interest in backing great European teams and helping them build go-to-market in the US.

Like all boldstart teams, Harbr is born out of pain experienced by founders with deep domain experience. Co-founders, Gary Butler and Anthony Cosgrove, both have over 15 years of experience not only delivering large scale data systems as a vendor but also as a customer building these systems inside of companies like HSBC. Our history with the team goes back even further to 2001 as we previously worked with Gary and Executive Chairman Leo Spiegel through an investment in Greenplum, a petabyte scale data warehouse on commodity compute, which was eventually sold to EMC and became Pivotal Software. We’re excited to be partnered (again) with Gary, Anthony and the Harbr team as they’ve built what we believe is an elegant solution to enable Fortune 500 customers to easily create their own data ecosystem, simplifying an incredibly complex process. It’s also awesome to have co-led this round with Chalfen Ventures and have great European seed firms like Crane, Backed, Acequia Cap, and Seedcamp as partners.

Gary Butler (top), Anthony Cosgrove (bottom)

Our excitement for Harbr’s product builds everyday because of the numerous use cases it unlocks for their customers. Data vendors like Moody’s are rapidly increasing their utilization of the platform to securely and compliantly collaborate on and monetize data with their customers. Their customers in turn are becoming customers as they remix data and create new models to share downstream into their customer base leading to a strong network effect, enabling Harbr to become the ubiquitous data collaboration platform for the entire ecosystem.

While making it easy for enterprises to publish, store and export data in a secure and compliant way across teams and companies solves a major pain, Harbr’s vision did not stop there as they believed that collaboration must be inherent in all data work. This vision led to the creation of Spaces, a secure collaboration product that allows multiple stakeholders to work on data and models together in real-time. With Spaces, customers get instantly provisioned environments integrated with the users’ favorite tools with cost optimization baked in. We believe true enterprise tools should still be design-driven, and Harbr delivers with a modern, beautiful UI wrapped around a powerful data collaboration engine.

Harbr is the only company to bring secure collaboration and monetization in a flexible multi-cloud solution that truly benefits all facets of the data ecosystem. We could not be more excited to be on this journey with Harbr as they transform the future of data collaboration.

Welcome to the Boldstart family!

To learn more about Harbr please click here and here for the press release and Techcrunch story.

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