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Securing Collaboration — Welcome Reco Labs to Boldstart

Reco Labs — Team Offsite (Jan-2022)

At boldstart, we love partnering with technical founders who have a vision for a new category and supporting their journey from day one. As the world has become more distributed, we’ve all come to rely on collaboration tools like Slack, Google Drive, and Office365 in our daily workflow. These tools have dramatically improved our productivity and made sharing and collaborating as easy as drag and drop. However, from a security perspective, this is an absolute nightmare.

As organizations grow, the complexity of interactions internally with co-workers and externally with vendors, customers, and partners becomes too much for existing security solutions. Much of this connective tissue relies on manual approval, and in many cases setting a default to disable file sharing all together. So while collaboration applications have empowered enterprises to move much faster, they have also created new attack vectors and critical security vulnerabilities. An entirely new way is needed to automatically provide visibility and security for collaborative tools.

Enter the founders of Reco Labs, Ofer Klein, Gal Nakash, and Tal Shapira who spent years in the Israeli military pioneering ways of analyzing large scale networks of information to identify threats. They did this using a graph database and metadata, constantly measuring the interactions between people, files, and applications on a massive graph, vs. looking into the content itself.

So when they shared a vision to bring this capability to modern enterprises in a privacy-preserving manner in late 2020, we got very excited. Today I am thrilled to announce our partnership, which began with boldstart leading Reco’s first round in November 2020 with our friends at Angular Ventures, and our follow-on investment in their $25M Series A led by Zeev Ventures and Insight Venture Partners earlier this year.

When you first see Reco’s product in action, it almost looks like magic. It quickly connects to apps like Slack, Drive, and Outlook and starts mapping every single interaction within a company immediately.

Reco has built an entirely new way to detect security vulnerabilities and a much faster path to remediation that’s based on the business context — not the security policy. And because Reco doesn’t ingest the content or use agents in a customer’s infrastructure, Reco can be deployed in minutes with little concern about what data is being shared.

So while not magic, it is a massive new market and we at boldstart are fired up to be partnered with the team at Reco to tackle it. It’s so exciting to see a vision and rallying cry to “just build the f%*#ing graph” become a must-have security product and well-funded company. You can read more on the company’s blog and on Techcrunch.



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