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Self service and dynamic cloud environments: Excited to announce boldstart’s investment in env0

At boldstart, we love to partner with technical enterprise founders on day one and have been incredibly excited about the idea of abstracting infrastructure and making it easier for everyone in an organization to use. Continuing that theme from our recent investment in Spectro Cloud (k8s), we’re super excited to announce our investment in env0, the first self service cloud management platform to help teams manage their environments using Infrastructure-as-Code in any cloud. With env0, companies can now get predictability, visibility, and smart insights on cloud usage and developers can increase productivity and rapidly deploy environments at scale while keeping costs in check.

We’re thrilled that env0 is finally out of stealth, and we’re happy to co-lead this first round with Grove Ventures out of Tel Aviv. Thanks to Guy Podjarny, co-founder and President of portfolio company Snyk, who first introduced us to Ohad Maislish and Omry Hay in late December 2018 and is joining as an investor/advisor. Like most of our investments, env0 was born out of pain both Ohad and Omry experienced for many years as engineers and DevOps specialists at companies like Proofpoint, eToro, Ravello, and BHive (acquired by VMware).

From our first meeting, we were intrigued by their vision to bring the power of IaC to everyone and to tie infrastructure usage automatically and proactively to the business and application. They recognized that creating, managing and deploying cloud environments is a team sport, and that there was no git-like version control system and platform to simplify IaC governance and to coordinate workflow between various stakeholders. Ideas are great, but what’s most impressive is how quickly they’ve built and iterated on their product and recruited a world class engineering team.

Cloud environments are a team sport!

The pain is real as we’ve learned from numerous discussions with Fortune 500 IT executives. As the world has shifted from monolithic systems to cloud native applications (VMs, containers, serverless, DBs, external service, etc), complexity has increased exponentially along with developer frustration and DevOps bottlenecks. Combine that with the growing need to create and share more environments for different use cases (dev, production, data science, sales, etc.) and you get the picture 🤯 — it’s getting harder and harder to maintain and replicate environments securely and quickly.

While many are using Infrastructure as Code (IAC) (or managing your infrastructure using configuration files) to automate as much as possible, most tooling is focused entirely on SRE teams. What’s needed is a much easier and more scalable, collaborative, and secure solution, one that works for the entire team. env0’s environment as a service is just that solution, and we look forward to the journey ahead as env0 makes a huge dent in the DevOps automation market.

Welcome to the boldstart family!



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