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The Fastest and Most Joyful Note-Taking Experience for Go-To-Market Teams: Welcome to the boldstart Family!

At boldstart, we love to partner on day one with founders reinventing the enterprise software stack. Our north ⭐️ is always focused on investing in product obsessed founders reimagining existing applications or inventing new categories. The CRM space is one such category where we have all experienced pain updating applications (at Boldstart we are particularly egregious offenders here 😀 and normally avoid doing so until the last minute), losing knowledge transfer and shared context in the process. Imagine using a product that made this experience actually enjoyable? Imagine having the Superhuman of CRM (a company we know well as their first investor)!

When we were first introduced to the Dooly team by Nimi Katragadda and Adina Davis of Box Group, our jaws dropped at the product. Kris Hartvigsen, co-founder & CEO, spent the whole meeting using the product itself to take notes and showcase all the features. What struck us was the design sensibilities, frictionless product experience, and thoughtful way of surfacing additional features. One of the hardest things in product design is keeping the UI simple while adding powerful features to the product’s functionality. After we met, Justin Vaillancourt, co-founder & CTO, we realized the extent to which the team prioritized thoughtful design in order to deliver a delightful user experience.

Dooly is the fastest way for go-to-market teams (sales, customer success, support, and product) to update their CRM. The product is a seamless note-taking experience that is fast, easy-to-understand, and enjoyable to use. Dooly has all sorts of hidden gems 💎 such as surfacing battlecards in a non-intrusive way to enable go-to-market teams to answer questions easily about the competition. Dooly has enabled customer-facing teams to stay in their workflow with an integration ecosystem that allows for use cases such as Dooly’s AI assistant listening to calls, flagging keywords, and then popping up relevant content without the user having to lift a finger.

Of course, there is a bigger vision and opportunity for Dooly to be the note taking layer and connected workspace for all business applications. What Slack did to email, Dooly is doing to the way people capture and distribute notes across the business, making them more collaborative, more distributed and more connected to the people and systems that need to be in the know to get their jobs done. Dooly is creating a connected workspace that short circuits the many manual workflows and processes that keep people away from focusing on their high-value work. Dooly’s goal is to help people become the best version of themselves at work by automating those workflows.

What all this focus on design and product engenders is customer ❤️! The magical thing about Dooly is the product’s ability to expand virally through word-of-mouth both inside a company once one user finds it and externally between other companies as users share their ❤️ for the product. Look no farther than G2 Crowd for the public user testimonies. Users at companies like AirTable, Figma, Asana, and Intercom spend upwards of three hours daily in the product as it quickly became a core part of their go-to-market teams’ workflows. Key to this growth is that Dooly is truly a product-led growth engine for the individual user first where actual sales reps find it, use it, share it, and ❤️ it versus going to sales operations or management first. What’s also exciting is that it starts with reps but spreads to anyone in an organization that touches a customer from presales to customer success and support and management.

Dooly is the fastest note-taking experience for go-to-market teams. We are proud and 🙏🏼 to partner with the Dooly team and lead its $3mm seed round with Box Group, Addition, SV Angel, and ScaleUp and participate in the $17mm Series A round led by Addition Capital and including Battery Ventures and Mantis (Chainsmokers). Prominent angels from both rounds include Daniel Dines and Brandon Deer of UiPath, Allison Pickens (formerly COO Gainsight), Zander Lurie (SurveyMonkey), and Harry Stebbings. Welcome to the boldstart family Dooligans!

To learn more about Dooly, please click on the company’s blog post and the TechCrunch article.



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