Canvas Ads: Let Us Paint You A Picture.

Even though Facebook is one of the top advertising platforms for music and events, it’s sometimes easy to forget that it is a social network first and foremost. No matter how great the festival, tour or album you’re selling, without socially geared and engaging content, it’s an uphill battle. Rule of thumb: great content > sales-orientated posts. The most effective Facebook and Instagram campaigns work because they tell a great story, not demand the audience open their wallets.a

But it ain’t easy. Putting together a compelling narrative within the limited space on social media is difficult. Add to this the fact that Facebook is giving mobile-geared content preference in the feed and your real estate is shrinking.

In short, for a kick-ass campaign, you need engaging content, designed specifically for mobile users. Enter the Canvas Ad. Here’s why we love them…

  1. They’re fast loading, mobile-first and easy-to-build.

A Canvas is an instant, full-screen and mobile-optimised way to tell a story. It’s basically a mini web-page housed within Facebook that you have complete creative control over, and designed for mobile devices. Fill it with behind-the-scenes footage of a new album being made or all the nitty-gritty details of your festival lineup. The options are pretty endless.

They come stacked with a host of handy tools that will send your creative ideas into overdrive:

  • Pictures, including tilt-to-pan immersive experiences (like 360 degree photos);
  • Carousels, but on steroids. Think fully customisable sizes, including full screen;
  • Videos (these can sit natively within the scrollable feed as well, helping to get that CTR up);
  • Buttons;
  • External links;
  • Links to other Canvases;
  • Dynamically populated product sets (ideal for venues showcasing upcoming gigs or displaying all the items in your merch store).

2. They’re super immersive. We’re talking full screen…

Canvases appear in the news feed, just like any other ad. When your fan sees one, they’ll click to open it and be taken to a full-screen experience. This means no cat videos or notifications to drag their eye away from the important news you have to tell them. From there they can watch, read, scroll and tilt through all the content you’ve packed into the one ad.

They can also be as long as you want them to be, so you can tell an engaging story from start to finish.

3. They’re now on Instagram Stories

In addition to their traditional home on Facebook, Canvases were recently released on Instagram Stories. A mobile-only format, they open directly from the Instagram app, just by swiping up on the related Instagram Sponsored Story.

4. They fulfil all our nerdy, digital advertising fantasies

Despite all the flash-bang features, the question remains — do they work?

In our experience, yes. We’ve found a well-executed Canvas can up to triple your click through rates, and lower conversion costs when compared to video or image ads. With the ability to link externally and target people who’ve viewed your Canvas with customised follow-up messaging, it also gives you full control over who sees which message, and when.