20,000 Telegram Members + counting!

We have just reached 20,000 members on Telegram! Thanks to each and every one of you for being a part of the BOLT journey.

What better way to celebrate than a behind-the-scenes glimpse into our last 2 (and very busy) weeks. Stay tuned for more very exciting news soon!


Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer Christel Quek attended the Bitgosu Meetup with our Strategic Partners and Investors in South Korea, Bitgosu and Blockmon.
Blockchain planning meeting with our Advisors in London, led by our Founder and CEO, Jamal Hassim.
Our internal brand workshop in Singapore led by Head of User Experience, Erfi Azhar.
CEO and Founder, Jamal Hassim briefing our team in Malaysia.
BOLT taking it to the street & Chief Content Officer, Julian Jackson enjoying our new Kuala Lumpur Office.


> BOLT WalletThe BOLT Wallet will allow users to store & manage their BOLT credits. This will enable us to unchain users from the constraints of current payment infrastructures.

> BOLT Originals — An in-house content development programme. BOLT’s original content is communicating the company’s values and giving visibility to users and people around the world. Dedicated teams are working on “BOLT Originals” to deliver such content on a regular basis.

> BOLT Manifesto — Our manifesto on why we’re driving the world’s first decentralised entertainment economy


> Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer Christel Quek on Crypto and Grill (Podcast), discussing why Bolt is such an important innovation in the online video market.

> Covered in HowToToken, providing our thoughts on the accessibility of entertainment globally


Hacker Noon

> Feature in NewsBTC— “The Open Entertainment Economy — What Does it Mean for Content Providers and Consumers?”

> Feature in CoinTelegraph — “The Open Entertainment Economy — What Does it Mean for Content Providers and Consumers?”

> Mentioned on Hackernoon — “On Spotify, Youtube, and Netflix You’re Paying the Wrong Person”.

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