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365 Days of BOLT

#42 BOLT Vault: 365 Days of BOLT — 2020 Year In Review

Welcome back to the final edition of BOLT Vault for the year 2020!

With over 88 new updates and additions to the BOLT ecosystem, 2020 has been an incredible journey for us. We signed partnerships with industry titans, implemented new features within BOLT+ and BOLT X, and grew our user base all around the world.

Here’s a summary of what BOLT has done in 2020:

  1. Released 88 business updates across 365 days
  2. Increased our user base with an additional 150,000 app downloads of BOLT+ and BOLT X
  3. Expanded our list of channels on BOLT+ to 728 live channels, including 513 TV channels and 215 radio channels
  4. Brought entertainment into the palms of 9 million users in over 180 countries and territories
  5. Streamed over 2 million minutes of live streams across the world per month
  6. Introduced two new use cases for BOLT — Stake and Lightning Round respectively-, with over 16,000 games and 12 partners for Lightning Round in 5 months
  7. Forged new partnerships and strengthened existing ones with global industry leaders such as Prudential, Hisense, Dugout, and Zilliqa to bring BOLT to more people around the world
  8. As founders, we engaged the BOLT communities for a total of 13 hours through monthly video AMAs
  9. Made our debut in streaming eSports through Campus Legends, a leading eSports tournament in association with the Singapore Cybersports & Online Gaming Association, and added more eSports partners to our roster of streamers on BOLT
  10. Increased our ever-growing Bolt Army, with over 9,000 community members across 10 countries and territories, recording over 11M impressions and 600,000 engagements across social media

Need more details? Read on for more in-depth information on our highlights!

7th Jan 2020 — Announcement of BOLT+ launch on HiSense mobile devices at CES2020, Las Vegas

19th Jan 2020 — Announcement of Stake, a new use case within BOLT+, allowing users to win BOLT tokens by correctly answering questions and predicting the outcome of sports matches. First match — Liverpool vs Manchester United

19th Jan 2020 — Announcement of Lightning Round — a fast-paced, interactive live quiz that tests the sporting knowledge of users, rewarding the most knowledgeable

23rd Jan 2020 — BOLT announces its expansion to MENA region; Jamal featured on CNBC Arabia

30th Jan 2020 — Medical utility announced — Partnership with BritPharm, a private pharmaceutical company that manufactures 20 million generic flu/cough medication a day and distributes within the UK, Qatar, and countries in the Africa continent.

2nd Feb 2020 Second round of Stake on Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester City

4th Feb 2020 — Debut of monthly live AMAs, allowing the community a direct line to the founders

13th Feb 2020 — Updates on Lightning Round and Stake

13th Feb 2020 — Jamal featured on CNBA Arabia, Bursat Al Alam

27th Feb 2020 — Jamal and Christel featured on Cryptonaires — documentary focused on cryptocurrencies, featuring Charlie Lee (LiteCoin), Catherine Coley (Binance USA CEO)

27th Feb 2020 — Stake breaks barriers, sets new accomplishments of 210% increase in app engagements, 1660% increase in prize pool

1st Mar 2020 — Third round of Stake — Aston Villa vs Manchester City

18th Mar 2020 — New BOLT Web experience

18th Mar 2020 — New French channels hosted on BOLT+; Arte Français (documentary) France Ô (culture and entertainment), France 3 (news), Tv5monde Asie (documentary, movie, TV, series and sports), RT France (documentary, news and culture)

18th Mar 2020 — New channels hosted on BOLT+; Dubai Sports (mixed sports entertainment; English & Arabic), NBC Sports Radio (sports, news, talk; English), Real Madrid (football; English), Red Bull Sports (mixed sports entertainment; English), All Sports (mixed sports entertainment; Portuguese)S Sports (mixed sports entertainment; Turkish), Teletrack (racing; Spanish), KRKO (music, talk, news; English)

20th Mar 2020 — Lightning Round Community test

26th Mar 2020 — Launching a token adoption project with Hisense in South Africa & MENA region.

26th Mar 2020 — Licensing BOLT’s content for distribution into China and Africa.

26th Mar 2020 — Licensing Stake for the cricket audience in India.

26th Mar 2020 — Discussions on distribution of BOLT content on Uber & Lyft vehicles in Canada

1st Apr 2020 — Community Expansion — localization of BOLT content into Turkish and Bengali

9th Apr 2020 — Announcement of partnerships with VideoElephant, a leading content aggregator and distributor, & S&T Media, a rapidly-growing African digital advertising company.

9th Apr 2020 — Beta testing of TV App on HiSense TVs

9th Apr 2020 — Increase in community engagement on BOLT+ during quarantine — 52% increase in impressions, 13% increase in engagement, 36% increase in TV watch-time

23rd Apr 2020 — Expanding partnership with BritPharm, new partnership with SyndiGate, a leading content aggregator and distributor, to distribute BOLT’s original and interactive sports content on their digital content marketplace, Disco

23rd Apr 2020 — Token update — BOLT Token swap from BEP-2 to ERC-20

23rd Apr 2020 — Debut of new original series, We Are In This Together on BOLT+, bringing uplifting stories of how people from all over the world are coping in a time of crisis.

23rd Apr 2020 — BOLT+ Data Corner, 724,585 impressions, 4.5* Apple App Store Rating, 4.8 Google Play Store rating

7th May 2020 — Lightning Round update — two new ways to play — Lightning Round Live and Lightning Round Tournament

7th May 2020 — Addition of 23 live TV channels and 12 live radio channels from France, USA, South Africa, Australia, India, Qatar, and Vietnam

7th May 2020 — Next phase of internal testing of BOLT TV with HiSense

21st May 2020 — BOLT+ Update with Lightning Round going LIVE

21st May 2020 — BOLT joins Blockfolio signal

21st May 2020 — New series launch, ‘Come Back Stronger’, interviewing people from the sports industry and discussing how the pandemic has affected their livelihoods.

21st May 2020 — BOLT+ seen on African Gas Stations

21st May 2020 — BOLT content now available in Hindi, Sinhala, Indonesian, French, Pidgin, Arabic, Japanese, Vietnamese, Russian, Filipino

4th Jun 2020 — Lightning Round localized with 8 new languages — Arabic, Hindi, Pidgin, Russian, Sinhala, Tagalog, Turkish and Vietnamese

4th Jun 2020 — Addition of 6 New TV Channels — Hiru TV, The Buddhist Network, Verbum TV, Rupavahini TV, Derana TV, Channel eye

4th Jun 2020 — Addition of 4 Radio Channels — Derana FM, Neth FM, Sirasa FM, Hiru FM

4th Jun 2020 — Phase 2 of Token Swap Commences

12th Jun 2020 — Joint AMA with Global Head of Business Development of HiSense, Denis Ostir, gaining insights into the future of BOLT and the potential of our partnership with HiSense

18th Jun 2020 –31 new TV Channels and 12 new radio channels on BOLT+

18th Jun 2020 — ANKR listed as first Crypto partner on Lightning Round

18th Jun 2020–833M tokens successfully swapped from BEP2 to ERC 20

2nd Jul 2020 — Integration of LunarCrush’s social data onto Lightning Round

2nd Jul 2020 — Bitcoin available on Pegasus

2nd Jul 2020 — Additional 44 live TV Channels and 16 radio channels from Senegal, Benin, Namibia, South Africa, France, Pakistan, UK, USA, Italy, Spain, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Germany, Poland, and Mexico

16th Jul 2020 — Announcement of first-ever livestream of an eSports event on BOLT+ — Campus Legends

16th Jul 2020 — Zilliqa listed as partner on Lightning Round

16th Jul 2020–30+ Music channels and 100+ news channels listed on BOLT+

16th Jul 2020 — Our first foray into DeFi — BOLT live on UniSwap

30th Jul 2020 — First Cash gateway for BOLT Tokens — Transak

30th Jul 2020 — Live-stream of ZIL-3 Day on BOLT+, Lightning Round LIVE on ZIL-3 Day

31st Jul 2020 — Partnership with Amuka eSports on BOLT+

13th Aug 2020 — BOLT+ featured on HiSense product launch — featured in the product demo as a premier TV app right after Netflix.

13th Aug 2020 — BitMax featured on Lightning Round

13th Aug 2020 — Save Channel functionality added to BOLT+

13th Aug 2020 — Campus Legends recap — Total hours streamed: 10.4 Hours, Impressions: 30,693, Engagements recorded: 3,255

27th Aug 2020 — Pegasus Wallet rebranded as BOLT X

27th Aug 2020 — BOLT Play announced — housing Lightning Round and Stake

10th Sept 2020 — Zilliqa listed on BOLT X

10th Sept 2020 — UniSwap featured on Lightning Round

10th Sept 2020 — Join the BOLT Army Campaign

10th Sept 2020 — Product Sprints at BOLT

24th Sept 2020 — BOLT ranked #1 on LunarCrush

24th Sept 2020 — Live streams on Home Page of BOLT+

24th Sept 2020 — Raven Protocol featured on Lightning Round

24th Sept 2020 — Jamal featured at Saudi Mobile Show 2020

1st Oct 2020 — Partnership with Prudential — exclusive platform for Pulse TV — an original content platform featuring fitness and health content

1st Oct 2020 — Partnership with Esposure

6th Oct 2020 — BOLT live on ZilSwap

6th Oct 2020 — Partnership with Dugout, a digital media company co-owned by the world’s biggest football clubs, including AC Milan, Arsenal, Chelsea, FCB, FC Bayern, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid. Dugout will be licensing its full content stack of over 70,000 clips from 100+ clubs worldwide on BOLT+.

6th Oct 2020 — Fantom Foundation featured on Lightning Round

22nd Oct 2020 — Christel featured on Tatler Asia

22nd Oct 2020 — All ERC-20 tokens supported in BOLT X

24th Oct 2020 — Livestream of Powerz Up NBA Tournament

5th Nov 2020 — ZRC-2 tokens supported on BOLT X

5th Nov 2020 — The Esportz Network debuts on BOLT+

5th Nov 2020 — Christel featured on EDGE 35 under 35

13th Nov 2020 — The Kowalski Way debuts on BOLT+

19th Nov 2020 — Tech for Impact debuts on BOLT+

19th Nov 2020 — Kylin Network featured on Lightning Round

25th Nov 2020 — Christel speaks at MMA Impact Indonesia 2020

3rd Dec 2020 — New BOLT+ experience

7th Dec 2020 — BOLT and Zilliqa partnering at Singapore FinTech Festival

7th Dec 2020 — ZilSwap integrated onto BOLT X

17th Dec 2020 — BOLT listed as launch partner on Zilliqa’s Zeeves 3D Rewards Program

17th Dec 2020 — Launch of ‘What I Love About BOLT’ Community Campaign

17th Dec 2020 — Zeeves featured on Lightning Round

What a year we’ve had! 2021 will be an even more exciting journey for us. Look out for our new implementations of token utility, a new user experience for our BOLT applications, and further expansion through our enterprise partners globally. See you in 2021!

From all of us at Team BOLT



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