BOLT Business Performance | Q1 2019

In this Q1 report, we will summarise business, product, and token-related developments that have occured so far in the first quarter of 2019.

Jamal Hassim
Apr 21 · 5 min read

The BOLT Business Performance (Q1 2019) Report rounds up strategic developments and results per quarter within the BOLT ecosystem. We also aim to provide a view on the focus areas that BOLT will be working on in the next 30–60 days.

Following the completion of Quarter 1 of 2019, the BOLT Team is pleased to report the following headline financial data:

Operating Revenue : USD 3,100,000

Gross Profit Margin (%) : 45%

Operating Net Profit : USD 558,000

Net Profit Margin (%) : 18%

The results have been on the basis of transaction revenues generated by subscription to the BOLT service in the current core markets.

In addition, user engagement has increased with improved marketing efforts and expenditure, not just on the BOLT platform but also on BOLT’s social media distribution/marketing channels. This augurs very well for the sponsorship/advertising revenue model that BOLT will be embarking on commencing with the 2019 Cricket World Cup coverage.

The following data is indicative of the success the BOLT Team have had in building user engagement:

Remarkably, we have recorded over 3.2 million viewers across the 288 videos that have been published since January 2019, and recorded a new high of over 1.3 million monthly active users. Altogether, a total of 10.1 million streams were recorded in the first 90 days of 2019. We’ll be working even harder to get our coverage of your favourite sporting moments to more people around the world.

On March 26th, we listed the BOLT Token successfully on our premier exchanges — Bitmax and Switcheo. We are very pleased to be working with the strong teams at both Bitmax and Switcheo, of which both teams have represented the pinnacle of dedication and collaborative partnership.

We have also run two treasury campaigns on both platforms — BitTreasure on Bitmax and the HODL campaign on Switcheo Chest, to reward long-term holders of the BOLT Token.

Presently, BOLT is available for trading within the following trading pairs:

  1. Bitmax: BOLT/BTC
  2. Bitmax: BOLT/USDT
  3. Switcheo: BOLT/ETH
  4. Hotbit: BOLT/BTC
  5. Hotbit: BOLT/USDT
  6. Hotbit: BOLT/ETH

Our CoinMarketCap profile has also been updated and we are also live on Blockfolio and Delta Direct.

Q2 2019: Looking Ahead

We have several tentpole milestones ahead this quarter, which will keep the team very busy for the next 90 days! This includes the launch of the enhanced BOLT+ platform, the BOLT Wallet, and a lineup of major global sporting events being covered by BOLT commencing from the Summer of 2019. These events will drive massive user acquisition by BOLT and the adoption of the BOLT Token.

We are delighted to share a preview of our BOLT+ and BOLT Wallet applications, which will be the representation of our vision since we wrote our whitepaper just 1 year ago — to be able to bring the blockchain to the masses through seamless transactions, enticing content, and an elegant user experience. Our developmental roadmap remains unchanged and we are on-track to release both applications in time for the Cricket World Cup this Summer 2019. Over the next quarter, we will bring you more updates about the applications and how you can create, learn, and earn on BOLT.

The BOLT Token Burn event has also been pushed forward by a quarter as a gesture of thanks to the community who have supported our project thus far.

We will burn a percentage of our Operating Net Profit (Q1 2019). The BOLT Team will announce the finalised quantum of the amount of BOLT Tokens to be burned and the timing of the event, which will be completed in the coming week.

It is full steam ahead for us at BOLT to plan for the Cricket World Cup 2019 — across technology, partnerships, content production, and marketing. It will be an exciting summer across 48 thrilling fixtures from 30th May to 14th July, and we are all geared up to bring the power of passion and sport to the hands of millions.

One Last Thing … BOLT at NASDAQ!

Our event at NASDAQ is just over a week away, and we can’t wait to share what will be in store. Across an action-packed agenda for 2 hours, we will be co-hosting panels with a line-up of partners covering thought leadership and application on the Blockchain. We will also have a small surprise in store, so watch out for our live coverage and announcements throughout the day.

Thanks for being with us on this journey everyone — to BOLT!

Thanks for reading! Join us on Telegram to participate in discussions on how we can make BOLT a movement we can be proud of. Drop us a note at enquiry [at] for suggestions on what you would like to read next.

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Bolt Global

BOLT’s vision is to be the largest mobile wallet in the world, powered by content.

Jamal Hassim

Written by

Founder and CEO of BOLT.Global. A digital pathfinder pushing the media innovation envelop for the next 6 billion of our fellow World citizens.

Bolt Global

BOLT’s vision is to be the largest mobile wallet in the world, powered by content.

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