BOLT Crowd Contribution — Round 1

Dear community,

The first round of BOLT’s Crowd Contribution Round starts at 10:00 UTC on 18th September, and will last through 23rd September 00:00 UTC.

Despite prevailing market conditions, we have decided to commit to an initial crowd contribution round for our whitelisted contributors who have already submitted their ETH addresses and pledged their ETH contributions.

Important Pointers:

  • We will be doing an initial round of 40M BOLT Tokens for the Crowd Contribution Round at a cap of 4,000 ETH.
  • 1 ETH = 10,000 BOLT Tokens
  • In light of recent price fluctuations of ETH, we have increased personal cap from 10 ETH to 20 ETH
  • The Official BOLT contract address is 0x68964a114c32396c9a7076095e616654901cdc2a

How to Contribute:

  • Log in to the official BOLT Token Whitelisting Portal.
  • Please double check the web address and bookmark the Portal address if necessary. If you have been successfully whitelisted, your personal details should also be reflected in the portal. If you are un-sure if the site you are logging into is the correct one, please notify us on Telegram and our community admins will be happy to help you.
  • The official crowd contribution address will be reflected on the home page when you log into the BOLT Token Whitelisting Portal on 18th September, 10:00 UTC
  • Ensure that the ETH address in your “ETH Wallet Settings” is the ETH address you are sending your ETH from.
  • Please DO NOT give us an ETH address linked to an exchange wallet (e.g. DO NOT give us your Binance wallet address). If needed, please create a new ETH address and back-up your private key with MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, or MyCrypto.
  • Once your ETH has been sent to the official crowd contribution address, the BOLT Tokens will be automatically deposited in the ETH address you have sent it from.

Further Details:

  • We may carry out a second crowd contribution round after assessing the response of the first crowdsale if tokens are not sold out
  • Our tentative date of listing on Switcheo Exchange will be in November, or when market conditions are better, with further exchange listings already in negotiations
  • All unsold tokens will be burnt

Security Reminder: BOLT will NEVER solicit payments via Telegram/Twitter/Email. Also, please do not send ETH/BTC/Crypto to addresses on social media/telegram.

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