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#33 BOLT Vault: Introducing BOLT X & BOLT Play 27/8/2020

We have big news to share today. We have decided to focus our efforts on opening up the BOLT ecosystem into a platform for content creators, DeFi applications, and gamers.

Fresh off our Founders AMA today — the Pegasus wallet will now be known as BOLT X. DeFin-itely cool!

Plus, we will be launching BOLT Play, our one-stop destination for Lightning Round and Stake as a gaming platform that is powered by BOLT X.

BOLT+ will continue to stream your favourite live streams across TV and Radio, and we will be introducing new interactive features across 2020.

Slowly but surely, we will be expanding BOLT as a platform for you and with you.


Today, Pegasus Wallet is now officially known as BOLT X.

This marks our first step in consolidating our branding and focusing our streaming, gaming and DeFi applications across the BOLT ecosystem.

Look out for new features in BOLT X in 2020, as we work with more partners in the DeFi space to Store, Earn, Stake, and Spend in BOLT X.


We will also be expanding more features within Lightning Round and Stake by grouping these features into a new app called BOLT Play.

Look out for new features within BOLT Play, such as creating your own Staking tournaments, creating your own Lightning Rounds, and earning from them!

The BOLT Community

Some posts from our Community, we are always happy to hear your feedback and are very thankful for your support.

Data Corner: Champions League Final

We launched a new experiment over the weekend — would you play Lightning Round during the Champions League Final? Yes! Great stats here.

Lightning Round Survey

Your feedback is important to us.

Take part in our latest user survey as a Lightning Round we will implement the most popular suggestions as we continue developing the Lightning Round feature for our users!

How to play?

Download BOLT+

Thanks for reading! Join us on Telegram to participate in discussions on how we can make BOLT a movement we can be proud of. Drop us a note at enquiry [at] for suggestions on what you would like to read next.

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We build web3-enabled platforms and services for the next generation of the internet. Our three core products: BOLT+ (web3 media and entertainment), BoltX (self-custody crypto wallet), and BoltZap (web3 commerce marketplace)

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