Elliott Talbott — New advisor to BOLT

Introducing Elliott Talbott — TitanFund / ex Facebook Aerospace joins BOLT

Today, we are excited to announce the appointment of a new advisor to BOLT — Elliott Talbott — Head of Research at TitanBlock Fund.

Previously, Elliott was Managing Facebook’s Aerospace Program as the Project Lead for the Facebook Aquila (UAV) Project.

Elliott brings a wealth of Engineering and Project management skills to BOLT, from his deep research skills, knowledge of the Blockchain sector, and management of the multimillion dollar aerospace contracts at Facebook, which included the eventual deployment of the Aquila aircraft, which was a highly challenging achievement.

Of vital importance to the Team in bringing Elliott onboard is his sharing of BOLT’s vision to bring an open ecosystem (starting with entertainment) to everyone, including the underserved — a goal he achieved with the Aquila project, which was built to bring connectivity to the most remote of regions

Elliott’s LinkedIn profile: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/elliott-talbott-9ab9a535

Crowdsale delayed until 11th-12th September

After much consideration, the Team has decided to delay the Crowdsale until 11th — 12th Sept.

The main reason for this decision has been the recent multiple SPAM attacks on the NEO blockchain and the resultant instability in settling transactions on the blockchain. The NEO team responded quickly and have made significant updates to the protocol to mitigate these attacks in the future.

Our decision to delay the Crowdsale will provide time for us to be assured that the NEO updates are effective and the NEO blockchain remains stable.

BOLT Tokens swap to improve liquidity

In order to provide improved liquidity for BOLT tokens after the Crowdsale, we are planning to swap to ERC20 as soon as possible after Switcheo commences ERC-20 trading.

The planned swap to ZIL native tokens will occur as soon as exchanges start supporting the ZIL protocol.