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#59 BOLT Vault — Live programme guides, Live Chat for top streamers, 12 new esports streamers, launch! 26/8/21

Hey BOLTians!

Lucky you, we’ve got good news to top off the week! We’ve launched our website, added Live Chat for top streamers, introduced 12 new esports streamers, and added live programme guides on BOLT+. Are you ready to #GetBolted onto this epic ride?

An easier way to get ahead of your favourite TV programmes!

Having trouble figuring out when to watch all of BOLT’s new and exciting programmes? Don’t fret! In this week’s app release, we have a live programme guide up and running so you can get up to speed on what’s streaming and when.

Didn’t you always want to chat with your favourite streamers?

Be the first to experience BOLT+’s new Live Chat feature — now available on The Kowalski Way, WildEarth, and Resilience Esports channels. Interact with streamers in real-time, share your thoughts and comments with like-minded BOLTians, and enjoy the new interactive viewing feature.

Look out for more Live Chat on your favourite channels coming soon! Not soon enough? Scream louder on @BOLT_Global and maybe we’ll upvote your favourites. 😊

12 NEW Resilience Esports streamers on BOLT+

We bring you 12 new streamers from Resilience Esports with over 90 million total monthly views on their platforms.

Catch Rahul Gamer, Swam, Mr. Rattler, Gamentrix, Classy Free Fire, WolfXotic, Physco, Nobita Gaming, Titanium Gamer, Chatur Gamer, Xeronyte Gaming, and Dhanush FF in the Gaming category on BOLT+.

Its tournament track record includes successes in Call of Duty Mobile (#1 ESFI National Rankings), FreeFire, WildRift (#22 Global Ranking Players), Brawl Stars (#5), and Clash of Clans (ESL Winners). So whether it’s Call of Duty or Freefire, BOLT+ is now the platform to stream India’s top gamers.

Resilience Esports is an Indian Esports Organisation and an active partner of the Esports Federation of India which aims to grow the esports community locally and regionally. Catch them on BOLT+ and be part of a game-changing experience.

All our crypto products in one place!

We’ve launched — our introductory gateway to all our crypto products. This will be the stepping stone for those new to our project or new to the trading space as well as advanced traders who’d want to use the BOLT X Web Extension to swap, stake, and earn seamlessly across web exchanges.

The website will soon feature the Web Extension which is on its way to being approved so hang in there folks! We can assure you, it’s worth the wait! BOLT X Web Extension will be featured on, and will be available to download on for Chrome, Brave, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Vivaldi browsers.

⚡ Watch the full recording of our latest BOLT token utility updates on our YouTube channel (subscribe for more BOLT news!)

⚡ Got feedback? Tweet us on @bolt_global and @boltx or chat on Telegram to get the conversation going!

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