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Hello, June!

#53 BOLT Vault — Hello, June! 3/6/21

As make our way into June, we are proud to have made significant progress on our movement — giving our website a huge refresh, bringing in new partners, major blockchain financial updates, and more features on our products.

In this issue of Vault, we will be looking at some vital updates to the website, Dugout and a much-requested tokenomics feature — let’s dive in!

Dugout — now expanded to include individual team channels!

We’ve been working on this one — we’re proud to be bringing exclusive, behind-the-scenes content from individual teams on Dugout!

We’re kicking this off with four of the most popular English teams in the sport — Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester City!

Catch highlights, interviews, and features from Jurgen Klopp, Mo Salah, Pep Guardiola, N’golo Kante, Thomas Tuchel and more on their club-specific Dugout channels.

We’ll be adding further club and league-specific channels later this week, including an exclusive dedicated EURO 2020 channel, giving you greater access to the teams you love!

Got a specific team or league you want to see? Let us know at this link!

Token Bridge — making its way to!

A highly-requested function is making its way to — the Token Bridge! BOLT holders — you can now seamlessly swap your BOLT Tokens from ETH to ZIL with the newly-built Token Bridge.

The Token Bridge is just the first instance of our suite of financial services on the blockchain — keep your eyes peeled for more functionality to be introduced in the coming months!

Your questions are answered — FAQs LIVE on BOLT website!

You want it, you got it! We’ve had requests for a updated list of FAQs about BOLT, our partner ecosystem, brands, team members — and it’s here!

We’ve introduced a rolling list of common FAQs about our project here at BOLT for your easy reading and sharing! Information across our work in the blockchain space, tokenomics, the BOLT ecosystem, or streaming partners can all be easily accessed with a simple click.

We’ll be updating this list with any new information as it comes along, so check back often to see if your questions have been answered! If there’s a burning question you’ve got that’s not been answered, drop us a note at this link!

Thanks for reading! Join us on Telegram to participate in discussions on how we can make BOLT a movement we can be proud of. Drop us a note at for suggestions on what you would like to read next.

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